Why Canada?



Why You Should Immigrate to Canada Today


If you are looking for a safe, friendly country that offers a wide range of benefits for new immigrants, then Canada is exactly what you need!

Whether you are looking to escape your country due to conflict, would like to open up new opportunities for your family or are looking to study abroad, Canada is one of the best choices you will ever make!

Regularly ranked in the ‘Top 10 Countries in the World to Live’ lists, the Great White North provides a wide range of advantages for immigrants of all ages, races, backgrounds, economic statuses and more.


For Study


If you are a student that wants to receive a quality education in an international setting, while practicing your English (or French), then Canada is an incredible option. With 21 of the world’s top 500 universities and a large amount of international students, Canada is a favourite for those looking to learn, make new friends, enjoy the beautiful nature and more.


Endless Employment Opportunities


With a consistently-growing economy that attracts many of the world’s largest companies (Amazon, Google, Hewlett Packard and many more), there are lots of jobs available for immigrants in Canada. Ranging from skilled labour to trades, you can easily find a high-paying job with strong benefits for your family. 


Incredible for Small Business Owners


A walk through a majority of Canadian cities will show you how many immigrants from around the world have become successful business owners in the country. With many government program aimed at supporting small businesses, franchises and startups, moving to the country tr uly provides the opportunity for the ‘Canadian Dream’.


Safe and Friendly


The changing face of Canada over the last 50 years has seen diversity increase to record amounts. Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver all rank as the most diverse cities in the world, while towns all across the nation are quick to embrace newcomers to Canada. With established immigrant communities that ease the transition into the new land, Canada is a safe, welcoming place for immigrants.


Universal Healthcare


One of the major advantages that Canada holds over the United States is that all Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents receive access to universal healthcare. This means that you and your family are able to visit the doctors, enter hospitals and more at no cost. Plus, with most employers providing dental, optical and prescription benefits, you can always count on receiving what you need to stay in good health.


Beautiful Nature


From the incredible mountains of Whistler, British Columbia to the stunning Niagara Falls, Canada’s landscape is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Each province and territory offer a new chance to explore. Ski, swim, surf, canoe, camp and do many great outdoor activities all in one country.


Accessible Immigration


The Government of Canada is dedicated to bringing people of all backgrounds together in this glorious nation. Led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, known around the world as one of the biggest promoters of equality and human rights, Canada offers a wide range of programs that allow for fast, easy and affordable immigration.

As expert Canadian immigration consultants, we work closely with you to make the immigration process as quick, simple and efficient as possible. Comprised of an experienced team of lawyers and members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council, we offer guidance throughout the entire process.


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