Study In Canada as an International Student


With 21 of the world’s top 500 universities, our firm assists you in the selection and application to study in Canada, as well as obtaining your student visa.


Receive a Quality Education in Canada


Thousands of international students descend upon Canada each year to take advantage of their incredible educational institutions, while also exposing themselves to a new culture and practicing their English or French.

As Canada’s leaders in immigration consultancy, we work closely with you to help you discover the best university for your needs, then applying for your Canada Study Permit.

We assist you by guiding you through the entire phase of becoming an international student in Canada.


Understand the International Student Requirements


With a wide range of programs, universities, rules and regulations, our experienced immigration experts provide you with the guidance you need to understand the requirements for each.

We recommend that you plan to apply for your Canadian Study Permit a year in advance, as well as having an updated passport, a strong level of English or French, and proof that you are able to pay for your studies.

It is never too early to start thinking about applying for your Canada Study Permit.

If you are an international student considering Canada as a study option, please contact us today so we can assist you in understanding the requirements.


Choosing Your Course and University


First, you must ensure that the learning institution you wish to attend is a Designated Learning Institution, which allows you to receive a Canada Study Permit for admission.

Then, you have to select your major focus of study, so you know exactly what you will be studying once you arrive.


Completing the Language Proficiency Test


Each international student that wants to study in Canada must complete the test that proves their basic language abilities in English or French.

The IELTS test is most commonly used for English, while the Cambridge English: Advanced and the TOEFL exam can also be accepted.

If you are attending a school with French-language courses, the most common test if the TEF exam, with DALF, DELF and TCF being accepted, as well.


Apply to Your Chosen Universities


Once you have ensured you meet the requirements and have passed the English or French test, you are ready to begin applying to the universities of your choice.

We recommend to select several to provide yourself with options, but keep in mind that there are application fees ranging from $100 to $250 for each.

If you need assistance in discovering the best Canadian university for international students, our immigration specialists are available to assist you. We have helped hundreds of students from across the world successfully apply to universities across the country.


Apply for Your Canada Study Permit


Once you are ready to be admitted to a Canadian university, you are able to apply for your Canada Study Permit.


We recommend you contact our Canadian international student immigration specialists so we can help you make the Canada Study Permit application process fast and easy.

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