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Quebec immigration Programs | Get in Canada by immigrating to Quebec (QC)


Get in Canada by immigrating to Quebec (QC)


The province of Quebec is a French-speaking province, but Quebec immigration Programs are not limited to French speakers. Quebec has several different immigration programs for workers, students, and businesspeople. We’ve provided this guide to give you an overview of Quebec’s immigration options.


Why immigrate to Quebec?


Quebec is home to more than one million immigrants, according to the most recent census.


Quebec is a popular destination for newcomers to Canada, it is home to more than one million immigrants, according to the most recent census. It is also home to Canada’s second-largest city, Montreal. This city is well-known for its diversity and multiplicity of cultures. Quebec has several different immigration programs that make moving there almost easy.



In the past few years, Quebec’s economy has been growing, creating a strong workforce with many job opportunities. The housing and rental market in the province's residential centers is also more affordable than in the cities of Toronto and Vancouver, making it a more attractive destination to some. Though the province is experiencing hot and green summers, and it often hit hard with cold winters, and is full of lakes, campgrounds, parks, and hiking trails, urging residents to get out and enjoy nature.


Montreal, well known as the city of culture and arts hosts a lot of globally recognized festivals every year, including the Montreal International Film Festival, International Jazz Festival, the Osheaga Music Festival, and Just For Laughs Comedy Festival.


How can you immigrate to Quebec?



The territory of Quebec has its unique way of immigration, different than the Federal Government of Canada's immigration system. People and families who are interested in reside in Quebec, have to go through the province's immigration system.


Quebec immigration applicants go through a two-step process:


  • they have to be eligible for and obtain a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de sélection du Québec, or CSQ). This important document means that the applicant has been selected to live in Quebec.

  • approved CSQ holders would be able to apply to the federal government for Canadian Permanent Residence.


Quebec preserves control of the selection of economic immigrants to the province, Family Class applicants, and in-Canada Refugee claimants may also be admitted on an ongoing basis. French ability for economic immigrants depends on the program and the applicant's personal circumstances. For non-economic migrants, French ability is not a factor in the selection

As of January 1, 2020, all applicants for permanent residence through Quebec immigration programs are required to show they understand Quebec values. This can be done by passing a Quebec values test or completing a course in Quebec values.


Quebec immigration programs


The territory of Quebec offers a range of immigration programs. This is our complete guide for the entire criteria and process for each program. To review the Quebec immigration programs guide, easily click on the program name. Regular Skilled Worker Program (RSWP)

This is a points-based program that’s operated by the Canadian Government’s own programs for skilled workers. Successful applicants may bring accompanying family members with no requirement for a job offer. Quebec uses a system called Arima to issue invitations for Quebec skilled worker candidates.


Experience Program du Quebec (PEQ)

This is a permanent immigration pathway for French-speaking skilled workers who have gained work experience in the province of Quebec. The PEQ has two streams, one for workers in Quebec, and the other is for students and graduates who attended a post-secondary program in Quebec.

Quebec Permanent Immigration Pilot Programs

As of March 3, 2021, the Government of Quebec announced three new Pilot Programs to meet the specific needs of Québec’s job market. These three pilot programs are designed to attract and retain people who have the skills to meet the needs of Québec’s job market.

  • Permanent immigration pilot program for workers in food processing
  • Permanent immigration pilot program for orderlies
  • Permanent immigration pilot program for workers in the artificial intelligence, information technologies, and visual effects sectors.


PEQ-Student PEQ-Worker Quebec Skilled worker