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Get In Canada possess all the required knowledge, skills, and a strong desire to represent our clients. All Cases are handled by competent and experienced immigration professionals who are highly qualified and trusted by ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council).

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We are your first step to Get In Canada

Our firm is focused on getting clients to Canada in the shortest possible time. Our team is ready to guide you through Canada’s applications processes. They will walk you through each step as they know how to maximize the outcomes for all of Canada’s immigration applications.

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He is very kindly and perfect service

الأستاذ/ لؤي لديه خبره كبيره والتعامل معه مريح ومبني على الثقة مما يسهل على اَي راغب للهجرة ان يجد له اخاً يستقبله ويوجهه في وطن المستقبل 🇨🇦

Great experience. Professional and thorough. Everyone feels VIP

My experience with [Get in Canada] was excellent and very convenient for me. I also got my family's approval through them. And dealing with them was based on transparency and credibility. The whole team was wonderful and very proffesional in dealing with the details and also helpful in many things that are not their duties. I thank Mr. Luai (The Expert) and Mr. Ismail (The Distinguished) for everything they did for me and my family. I wish them more success and excellence in their work and maintain that great performance. كانت تجربتي مع [Get in Canada] ممتازة ومريحة للغاية بالنسبة لي. حصلت أيضًا على موافقة عائلتي من خلالهم. والتعامل معهم كان مبنياً على الشفافية والمصداقية. كان الفريق بأكمله رائعًا ومهنيًا للغاية في التعامل مع التفاصيل ومفيدًا أيضًا في العديد من الأشياء التي ليست من واجباتهم. أشكر السيد/لؤي (صاحب الخبرة) والسيد/إسماعيل (الشاب المتميز) على كل ما فعلوه لي ولعائلتي. أتمنى لهم المزيد من النجاح والتميز في عملهم والحفاظ على هذا الأداء الرائع.

It was a great experience dealing with you guys , mr Loay was very honest and absolutely you can trust him ,100% I do recommend these guys

Very honest, Excellent service, Highly recommanded

They are honest and reliable, very professional staff, reference is made to my experience with Get in Canada I highly recommend to deal with them...

I absolutely advice you to consult Mr. Luai Elhaj about your case wether its a visa, express entry or a refugee case, he is professional, quick, honest and caring. My personal experience was more than 5 stars, I contacted him for my refugee case and he did his work very well, and today I got my approval as a refugee in Canada. For your such important decision in your life, and such hard long journey Mr. Luai will fit the mission very well and I believe you won’t regret. Good-luck for you all

Very honest, Excellent service, Highly recommanded!

I was very lucky to have found Louay. He is an amazing immigration consultant . He is by far the best immigration consultant that me and my family had met and worked with .he is just amazing at what he does and he is very caring. He made the process so easy for me and my family. Goes above and beyond for his clients. Easy to talk and access. He is not like others that they get paid and disappear. He follows up through every step. He is the only immigration consultant that I would recommend to anyone.

Louay is an amazing and trusted immigration consultant I have ever dealt with, he gives his clients proper advice, and guidance. I recommend him to anyone who’s looking for trustworthy immigration advice.


Your First Step to Get in Canada_RCIC_Certified - FREE ASSESSMENT
Your First Step to Get in Canada_RCIC_Certified – FREE ASSESSMENT
Your First Step to Get in Canada- FREE ASSESSMENT
Your First Step to Get in Canada_CBRB_Certified – FREE ASSESSMENT