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Immigration and Business Immigration
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Your Canadian Immigration Specialists

Our team has the experience and dedication necessary to facilitate a smooth immigration process at both the provincial and federal levels, no matter where you are coming from.

Comprised of a diverse team ranging from general-practice lawyers and members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council, we specialize in all elements needed during the immigration process.

We offer the highest standard of immigration, business, and academic consultation to meet the needs of each individual and organization that uses our services. With extensive experience in both Canadian provincial and federal immigration, we have helped clients from a wide range of countries enter Canada.

Whether you are a student looking to attend one of the highly-rated secondary education institutions or looking to enter Canada on a work visa, our services not only assist you to immigrate into the country but to be welcomed into society.

Fast, Efficient Canadian Immigration Consultation

Our firm is focused on getting our clients into Canada in the shortest amount of time possible, using a variety of innovative methods. Our expert guidance and advice for foreign nationals ensure that they are able to apply for and obtain a Canadian visa to live in the country on either a temporary or permanent basis.

Our Canadian Immigration Services Include:

* Canadian immigration consultation and guidance

* Discovering the right academic institution for your studies

* Assisting with your Canadian student or work visa

* Facilitating the entire immigration process

* Specializing in immigration from the Gulf Region

Company history:

Founded 14 years ago in the business, they’ve helped many clients on those steps to get to Canada.

Our team:

Our specialist Immigration and Refugee Consultants have extensive experience in Canadian Immigration and Refugee law. They hold key roles within the company, ensuring that high-quality services are provided to our clients. They are professional and dedicated, and their values align with those of the company. And at the head of this wonderful team is the founder and director of the Get In Canada office, Mr. Luai Walid Al-Hajj

Our approach/methodology:

Our approach focuses on providing products and services of the highest quality. We follow unique processes and philosophical ideas that set us apart from others. We strive to achieve customer satisfaction and ensure the entire immigration process is smooth.

At Get In Canada, we take an innovative and comprehensive approach to providing excellent immigration and business immigration consulting products and services. We do our best to understand the needs of customers and provide them with appropriate solutions that meet their expectations.

Our philosophy is to make the immigration process easy and to provide comprehensive customer support at every step. We believe in the importance of providing personal and customized advice to each client and providing correct and accurate information that helps them make informed decisions.

Our vision/mission:

Our vision is to be the leading provider of immigration, asylum, and investment advisory services in Canada. We strive to provide innovative and effective solutions to our clients, facilitate the immigration process and successfully integrate them into Canadian society.

At Get In Canada, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding immigration and business immigration advisory services. Our team is highly qualified and experienced, committed to providing the best advice to our clients. We understand that every person and organization has unique needs, so we offer a solution that is customized to meet those exact needs.

We at Get In Canada pride ourselves on our extensive experience and dedicated team, striving to meet our client’s expectations and help them achieve their dream of a successful business opportunity in Canada. We strive to build strong and sustainable relationships with our clients, providing excellent services and trying to exceed their expectations every time.

We are committed to continually updating and keeping abreast of developments in the field of immigration and business in Canada. We use the latest technologies and innovative methods to facilitate the immigration process and improve our customers’ experience. We care about detail and quality and work very hard to ensure that our customers get the best results possible.

In short, we at Get In Canada have a clear vision to be the leading immigration and business advisory firm in Canada. We are committed to providing excellent consulting services and comprehensive support to our clients, with an emphasis on professionalism, quality, and dedication. Our highly qualified and experienced team works with passion to help you achieve your goals in immigration to Canada and succeed in your new life in this wonderful country “Canada”.

Our specialist consultants:

We have a team of experienced lawyers who work in the field of immigration and Canadian law. They have a deep knowledge of the Canadian legal system and immigration laws and are able to guide clients through the immigration legal process and provide professional legal advice.

Immigration experts:

Our team consists of certified immigration experts who have a comprehensive knowledge of Canada’s immigration system and procedures. They provide customized advice to clients on study permits and work visas, immigration, and family sponsorship and skills immigration programs, and help them choose the appropriate program and prepare the necessary documents for the application.

Educational advisors:

We have a team of educational advisors who provide comprehensive counseling to international students. They work to help students choose the appropriate universities and colleges and provide support in the registration process and securing a study permit.

Academic advisors:

We pride ourselves on our qualified team of academic advisors who work to help clients achieve their academic goals in Canada. They advise on available academic programs and prestigious educational institutions and help clients choose the most appropriate path for their success.

Our team values are professionalism, credibility, and dedication to customer satisfaction. We believe in the importance of providing reliable and transparent services and dealing with customers with high ethics.