Study In Quebec As International Student

Study In Quebec As International Student
Study in Québec 2023

Quebec is a unique province in the Canadian landscape. Because they have been granted more autonomy from Federal immigration policies and procedures, Quebec’s programs often receive different treatment from other areas of countrywide policy.

Studying in Quebec has many advantages for prominent students, With its great Universities and dozens of colleges and schools, your certificate means it’s globally accepted.

What are the requirements to study in Quebec as an International student?

For international students, the requirements include:

1. Letter Of Acceptance By DLI

As, a foreign national, you must be accepted into your desired program and have an acceptance letter from the Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) to get your application.

The immigration officer will refuse to process the application without a letter of acceptance. If submitting online, applicants must include scanned copies of electronic or paper-based accepted study permits to prove they have been approved for one at their current school or university. 

But for paper-based applications, you must provide an original copy with this information to ensure that everything will go smoothly.

The letter of acceptance requires specific information to be submitted, including the applicant’s name and institution. IRCC also demands precise details on programs they have been accepted into when submitting this form.

2. Certificat d’acceptation du Quebec (CAQ)

If you’re an international student looking to study in Quebec, your application must be submitted correctly. You have to take an extra step compared with other provinces and territories!

To study in Quebec, a foreign national must obtain CAQ. A foreign national wishing to study in Quebec for over six months needs a CAQ. A permit application can only be submitted after the individual has obtained this status, and specific requirements must be met before they apply.

It’s essential to know the general requirements for staying in Quebec as an international student before deciding. However, it should be noted that these rules may vary from person to person.

The requirements include:

  • Acceptance letter By DLI
  • Payment of entire application fees for CAQ processing.
  • Commitment to make studies the priority.
  • Health insurance for the stay duration. 
  • Financial support to cover the cost of fees and residency while living in Quebec.

How much does it cost to Study in Quebec?

Any student planning to study in Quebec must demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to settle in the province as well as cover transportation, living, and other expenses (First-year fees, hospital and insurance). In 2023, a student’s living expenses are as follows:

One person under the age of 18$7,176
One person aged 18 and over$14,349
Two people aged 18 and over$21,046
Two people aged 18 and over and one person under the age of 18$23,575
Two people aged 18 and over and two people under the age of 18$25,444

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Study in Quebec Process

Step 1: Choosing A Program of Study and An Educational Institution

To study in Quebec as an international student, you must choose a program of study and a designated learning institution that fits your interests and level of education.
Because there is no single source that provides a list of the programs of study available in Québec, you need to research the educational institutions themselves or consult our consultant to help you with the process.

 Step 2: Obtaining Admission to A Program of Study

To find out the admission criteria, the time required to process applications, and the deadlines to be met, please contact the educational institution of your choice.
Merit Scholarships and exemptions from differential tuition fees are also available to international students enrolled in vocational training, college, or university.

Step 3: Obtaining an Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) for Studies

As soon as you receive your letter of acceptance, you must apply for an Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) for your studies. This Acceptance Certificate must be obtained for more than six months of studies, with certain exceptions. This requirement applies to all international students, regardless of their level of education.
To apply for a Quebec Acceptance Certificate for studies, go to the website of the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion .

Step 4: Obtaining a Study Permit to study in Quebec

You must obtain a study permit if your program of study lasts more than six months in total. The Government of Canada issues this permit.
At this stage, you may be asked to provide a temporary resident visa and, in some instances, undergo a medical examination.
You must also provide your biometric data, i.e. your fingerprints and a photograph. This process must be completed before you arrive in Québec.

Step 5: Obtaining Health and Hospitalization Insurance

You must have health and hospitalization insurance coverage for the entire duration of your studies in Quebec. The fees are set by private insurers and can vary depending on the services provided. You should communicate directly with your educational institution to get more information on this.
Even if you already have coverage in your home country, you must still obtain Quebec-issued insurance.
Some countries have signed reciprocal social security agreements with Québec. Under these agreements, students can be protected under the Québec health insurance system free of charge during their studies. You can find the list of these countries on the website of the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ).

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How can an international student immigrate to Quebec? (Québec immigration)

Yes! International students have multiple streams that enable them to apply for immigration, including:

  • Express Entry: The federal Express Entry immigration selection system allows applicants who have finished their education at a Quebec school to immigrate to Canada and ultimately seek to immigrate to another province or territory in Canada. These people might receive a large number of points due to their high degree of education. Furthermore, foreign graduates of Canadian universities may have acquired crucial Canadian work experience, another aspect that is highly regarded by the Express Entry system.
  • Quebec Experience Program: Through the Quebec Experience Class, also known as the Programme de l’expérience Québécoise, or PEQ, a large number of foreign students who come to Quebec to study eventually become citizens of Canada. This program runs a stream that gives overseas students in Quebec the chance to establish their lives and careers there. Individuals do not need to meet a point criteria or get invited to apply in order to follow this course.
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program: A student may be able to apply through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) if they are finishing their studies there and have a current CAQ (Quebec Acceptance Certificate) and study permit. Candidates who have completed at least one-half of a qualifying study program and are prepared to enter the workforce must have studied in Quebec. The QSWP evaluates applications from people who want to relocate to the province using a points-based system.

Once you have your CAQ, you must apply for a Study Permit, and this could be done through the Government of Canada. Once you receive a certificate confirming your approval you are ready to embark on your study journey in Quebec, Canada!

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