Manitoba Provincial Nomination

Manitoba is a beautiful province located in the heart of Canada! Known for its stunning landscapes, friendly communities, and rich cultural heritage, Manitoba offers a unique and captivating experience for visitors and residents alike. Whether you’re exploring the bustling city of Winnipeg or immersing yourself in the breathtaking wilderness, Manitoba has something to offer everyone.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is a program that allows immigrants from all over the world to become Canadian permanent residents. This unique system is designed to attract skilled workers, those with labour shortages and agricultural entrepreneurs by targeting these fields where there’s been a demand for their workforce or services among locals.

Manitoba Provincial Nomination
Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program PNP

Manitoba Provincial Nomination Programs (MPNPs)

Provincial Nomination Programs in Manitoba are as below:

1- Skilled Worker in Manitoba
2- Skilled Workers Overseas
3- International Education Stream

How To Apply for Manitoba PNP Programs?

You must check out the qualification criteria of the different migration streams of MPNP:

* If you are qualified and fit for any of them, you can propose an EOI (Expression of Interest).
* You will enter funds along with other appellants.
* Your biography will be judged based on the MPNP point grid.
* You will receive EOI Points according to your rank.
* If you are in the top-scoring EOIs, you will obtain the LAA (Letter of Advice to Apply).
* After getting the LAA, you must propose the entire application in 60 days to MPNP.
* You need to wait for the governmental appointment.
* Apply for the continual residency Visa to IRCC.
* The request must be presented within 180 days from the appointment date.
* After receiving the status of a lasting resident, you should inform the MPNP.

Experience And Education

You should highlight that you have worked as a full-time worker in the previous six months. You must present a sealed employer report of recommendation on association letterhead and a model of the work permit proving you worked in Manitoba.

You must submit your degree or certificate, study permits, and related reports. Language ability is not required for this field.


The cost of the application is 500$ CAD. For a dependent child, you must have to pay 225$ CAD.

Skilled Workers in Manitoba is a three-tiered immigration program that aims to bring skilled workers currently working or offering employment within the province during their application. Candidates must have already gained experience here and be living out with plans for permanent residence. They can also interview with MPNP’s overseas recruitment team if invited, a rare opportunity!

The pathways in the stream are:

Required Factors

FactorMaximum Points
Language Proficiency125
Risk Assessment-200
Work Experience175

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who have a powerful connection to Manitoba through continuous employment, occupations, education, and practice can create immediate and ongoing participation in the economy and the confined community.

What are the requirements for Manitoba Skilled Workers Program?

The candidate must have the following mandatory requirements to be eligible for Manitoba’s skilled worker program.

  • Must have continuous long-term employment in a full-time business in Manitoba and have finished at least six months of consecutive full-time work with that organization as a brief foreign worker or international scholar achieving graduation from a Manitoba school or university.
  • Must have an international bachelor from a post-secondary plan in different Canadian provinces who want to appeal for this class.
  • Must have first been managing their Manitoba business for more than 12 months.
  • The minimum points achieved should be more than 60, and the age should be between 21 and 45.
  • Must have required qualifications for the post position, including practice or education and any needed license or degree.
  • Must demonstrate that they have the English or French language ability to perform the job information services.
  • Must have a link to Manitoba through employment. 
  • Must intend to live and serve in Manitoba as a permanent citizen.
  • Must present documented evidence of settlement funds. However, the MPNP will analyze your current income when evaluating the recommended funds.

Non-Eligibility for Skilled Workers in Manitoba

The candidates are not eligible if they are:

  • The candidate must not apply if they are temporary immigrant workers and currently reside and serve in a separate province.
  • The candidate must not apply if you are a refugee claimant and included in the appeal or removal process. 
  • Candidates have an active migration certificate with different provincial or governmental immigration programs.

Cost Required

You must confirm that you have sufficient arrangement funds — usually $10,000 for the principal candidate, plus $2,000 for each dependent involved in the application.

Skilled Workers Overseas is a new immigration stream tailored for skilled workers who can enter and adapt quickly in Manitoba. The three options of this category prioritize In-Demand Occupations, which will help the province meet its workforce needs by providing qualified professionals like you!

The streams are:

Connection To Manitoba

To get eligible for Manitoba’s Skilled Worker Overseas Program, you must demonstrate the connection to Manitoba in the following ways:

  • Previous education or working abilities or experience in Manitoba.
  • A close relative or family member in Manitoba wants to become a supporter. 
  • The candidate who is invited through MPNP can be applicable for the connection to Manitoba.

Language Abilities

If the announced profession of the candidate is at experience level 0, A, or B of the NOC, then there is no minimum language skill necessary. However, it is expected that a candidate will need language test results in an authorized test for either English or French to satisfy the minimum required points for qualification for the program.

Suppose a required occupation of the applicant is at NOC working Level C or D. In that case, the applicant must have proven language test scores showing ability equivalent to the CLB level 4 or higher.

Education Level

No qualification, degree, or certificate is required for this program. However, applicants who can describe the completion of secondary education will be given more scores through the Ranking System of MPNP. Only those contestants with the highest standing will be requested to join the program, so the applicants with secondary education will prefer others in the pool.

Point Grid

To get eligible for this stream, an applicant must confirm that they have earned 60 points on the Points Assessment Grid of Manitoba. Simply reaching the minimum does not ensure success, as all applicants are judged against one another using the Ranking System of MPNP.

Settlement Plans and Funds

All Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program applicants must present a settlement strategy outlining their ideas for uniting their life in Manitoba.

All applicants for MPNP streams should be ready to describe that they satisfy several provincial settlement funds demands. Manitoba requires its applicants to prove they have access to a minimum of $10,000. An additional $2,000 per member will be considered and analyzed. This is the demand while submitting a governmental immigration form.

Required Factors

FactorMaximum Points
Language Proficiency25
Work Experience15
Minimum Pass Score60

The International Education Stream is the perfect option for recent graduates who want to make a difference in Canada. Candidates can apply if they have some work experience or business management knowledge from Manitoba, either completed after graduation or while studying at post-secondary institutions during their internship and co-op program.

The three pathways in the stream are as follows:

  • Manitoba Career Employment Pathway 
  • The Manitoba Student Entrepreneur Pathway
  • Manitoba Graduate Internship Pathway
Career Employment PathwayGraduated from a post-secondary institution in ManitobaEmployment to work in an in-demand occupation
Manitoba Graduate Internship PathwayCompleted a Master’s or PhD program in Manitoba / Completed a Mitacs Elevate or Accelerate internship.
Student Entrepreneur PathwayGraduated from a Manitoba post-secondary institution Experience owning and managing a business

A. Career Employment Pathway (MPNP)

To get eligible and qualified, you must follow the following criteria for this stream:

  • The candidate must have a degree or a certificate from a favoured secondary organization in Manitoba from a full-time knowledge plan that lasted for more than 1 year.
  • Score a level 7 on the CLB for English or French.
  • Have a legitimate job with a 1-year settlement offer from a nominated employer for an in-demand profession.
  • The job proposal must be for a profession incorporated as NOC regulations and laws.
  • Skill level 0 – managerial tasks, A – acknowledged jobs demanding a university qualification, or B – experienced trades or technical tasks asking for training as an assistant or a college degree and relevant to your study stream.
  • Indicate to live and serve in Manitoba after the proposal.
  • Present a Career Employment Plan nominating your professional track in Manitoba.
  • Have sufficient economic resources to coincide with the low income or cutoff conditions for 6 months in Manitoba.

If you have been certified by an organization outside the region of Manitoba, then you are not suitable for this program. 

However, if you are currently working in the province and have a legitimate job offer, you can apply and qualify for the Skilled Workers program in Manitoba.

B. Graduate Internship Pathway (MPNP)

This immigration path is for foreign candidates with a Masters or medical qualification from a favoured learning organization in Manitoba. 

International students must also be hired currently in an internship that presents confidently to the province. If you have worked in an accelerated or raised training such as Mitacs in Manitoba, then you do not require a legitimate job proposal to apply for this program. 

C. International Student Entrepreneur Pilot (MPNP)

This immigration guide stream contributes 20 international candidates studying from nominated education institutions in Manitoba and the possibility to build a business and achieve a temporary work license

Fortunately, if the applicant matches the requirements of their Business Performance Agreement, then the permanent residents will receive a provincial nomination.

You must match the following added measures to qualify:

  • You need to propose a business strategy and be involved in the everyday operations of the profession as a senior supervisor for a minimum of 6 months before implementing. 
  • You must also have a solid temporary business license and own at least 50% of the voting portions of the business.
  • You will also need to sign a Business Performance Agreement (BPA).
  • You must have a secondary qualification or certificate for a study program for a minimum of 2 years from a nominated learning foundation in Manitoba.
  • You must score a minimum of level 7 on the CLB on an authorized language test of English or French.
  • Age must be between 21 and 35.
  • You must have either an open work license while employed.
  • You must have been employed currently in Manitoba since your degree qualification.
  • You must also describe your purpose to continue living in the province after getting your appointment. 
  • Since you are not obligated to invest establishment funds, there is no lowest net worth condition. However, you must explain enough economic sources to meet the low income and cutoff for a minimum of 6 months. 
  • After the acceptance of your application, you will be asked for the BPA before getting a letter of assistance to ask for a temporary work license.

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