Do all Canadian provinces need an Expression of Interest (EOI)?

Expression of Interest (EOI)

The EOI is your first step to applying for permanent residency (PR). You can be able to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) once your eligibility is defined under the main two categories Express Entry (EE) and Occupation in Demand.

Expression of Interest (EOI)
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What Is The Explanation of The EOI?

The EOI stands for Expression of Interest which is a system created for organizing applications connected to some Canadian immigration streams. To be a preferable candidate the information you submit in your EOI profile has to be valid, accurate, and verified. Canadian provinces will know you would like to be invited to get nominated once you register.

What Are The Main Requirements of EOI?

In order to be considered the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • Create a profile on the EOI system.
  • Submit main information.
  • Provide answers to the main questions in order to define your eligibility.
  • Finish your EOI profile to get your EOI score (out of 100).
  • Review and submit.
  • Receive your EOI score.

Provinces will start contacting the selected ones by choosing them from the EOI system pool, then you will receive an (ITA) Invitation to Apply from the provincial nomination.

How Long Is Your EOI Profile Valid?

The completed EOI profiles will be stored in the system and valid for up to 2 years. While in completed EOI profiles will be stored for 2 years as well, but not eligible for receiving invitations.

PS: You are always allowed to update your profile information.

Which Canadian Provinces Need The EOI?

The following Canadian provinces which provide Express Entry and Occupation in Demand categories that require an EOI score:

Documents Needed for EOI

To clarify, you are not supposed to submit any documentation with your EOI, but you might be asked for some documents upon the selection process as an essential part of the verification process.

Some of the needed documents are:

  • Skills assessment.
  • Passport and citizenship details.
  • English language proficiency test.

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