The process of obtaining a work permit in Canada is not easy. One must be sure they meet all requirements for this kind of authorization, and there are some exceptions to what type or level one will need depending on their profession.

Open work permits are legal documents permitting foreign nationals inside of Canada to engage in employment. They refer to open-ended permission that can be nonexclusive, meaning an individual may have multiple employers and locations simultaneously with their current permit validity without negatively affecting future statuses or renewals.

It is not tied down by one employer or location. Instead, it gives foreigners access to many sectors in various regions within this country.

Open Work Permits

Open work permits can be a great way to enter the country with few restrictions. However, there is always the possibility that an open visa will not allow for certain things, making life more complicated in your new home. For this reason, you should consult professionals knowledgeable about immigration rules before applying!

Benefits of Open Work Permits

  • Openwork permits provide the freedom to move from location to location and to any employer in Canada. 
  • While most of them are tied down by a single company, an open permit allows for this flexibility that many other types of licenses don’t offer!
  • Canadian work experience helps a lot to improve eligibility for Canadian permanent residency. 
  • As you gain more and better credentials, so does your chance of gaining access to permanent residency!

Who is eligible for open work permit?

The following situations determine the eligibility:

  • Spouses or common-law partners of the temporary foreign workers.
  • The international students which are graduated from a program of study in Canada.
  • Spouses or common-law partners of the international students.
  • The applicants for permanent residency for the inland spousal sponsorship.
  • Refugees, protected persons, refugee claimants, and their family members.
  • The young workers that are participating in IEC programs.

Common programs for open work permits

The common programs for a permit include:

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