British Columbia

British Columbia is recognized for the inimitable natural beauty of its coastlines and mountains, which contribute significantly to their top ranking as one of Canada’s most desirable destinations. The province also benefits from a thriving economy with growing labour needs that make it an attractive location among immigrants looking to be part of this economic success story.

British Columbia, BC PNP

The two categories of PNP immigration program include:

1. BC Skills Immigration

The British Columbia Skills Immigration program is designed to provide an immigration avenue for foreign nationals interested in becoming meaningful workforce members. Candidates are prioritized based on their employment prospects and demonstrated experience, submitting them through pathways that emphasize workers who can secure or maintain job retention.

Immigration Ranking System

FactorMaximum Points
Economic Factors (120)Skill Level of the B.C. Job Offer60
Wage of the B.C. Job Offer50
Regional District of Employment10
Human Capital Factors (80)Directly Related Work Experience25
Highest Level of Education25
Total Available Points200

A. BC Skilled Worker

The stream is designed to target immigrants who have an offer of employment from a BC employer for a skilled occupation. Eligible candidates are assigned points based, and only individuals with the most competitive ranking are invited to apply to the PNP.

B. BC Healthcare Professional

The stream is designed to target immigrants who have an offer of employment from a BC health authority for an eligible occupation in healthcare. If a foreign national meets the requirements for the program, they can apply at any time.

C. BC International Graduate

The stream is designed for recent graduates from Canadian post-secondary educational institutions who have an employment offer from a BC employer. Eligible candidates are assigned points, and only individuals with the most competitive ranking are invited to apply to the PNP.

D. BC International Post-Graduate

The stream is designed for recent graduates who have received a Master’s or Doctoral degree in British Columbia. Only certain schools and programs are eligible for this pathway. If you meet the requirements for the program, you can apply at any time.

Apply to the BC Streams With Express Entry

If you are an eligible candidate and have a valid profile in Express Entry, then take advantage of our accelerated pathways. Most streams within Skills immigration provide access to these expedited processes so that qualified candidates can apply quickly on their schedule!

2. BC Entrepreneur Immigration

British Columbia is an excellent place for entrepreneurs who have been successful in their own country and want to start something new. The government has different programs that target foreign nationals or companies with high annual revenues, so it’s worth checking out.

Ranking System

Scoring SectionsPoints
Net Worth12
Total Personal Investment20
Regional District12
Self-declared SUBTOTAL score120
Business concept
Commercial Viability30
Transferability of Skills20
Economic Benefits30
Business concept SUBTOTAL score80
Maximum Score Available200

BC Entrepreneur

The stream targets experienced business owners and managers who wish to live in British Columbia permanently. Applicants must demonstrate management experience and personal net worth. Successful applicants can invest in purchasing and managing a new or existing BC business. Then, the applicant becomes eligible for Canadian permanent residence.

BC Entrepreneur Regional Pilot

The Stream of the BC PNP is for experienced entrepreneurs who want to invest in and manage a business in British Columbia. Applicants must be referred by one of the program’s participating communities in BC.

BC Strategic Projects

It targets successful foreign-owned companies who wish to establish a new branch or operation in BC. Successful companies will be required to transfer key staff to BC to manage their new proposed process. Also, they must prove their ability to generate significant annual revenue. After meeting the requirements, some staff members become eligible for permanent residence.

3. BC PNP Tech

BC PNP Tech is designed for skilled foreign nationals working in one of BC’s fast-paced tech occupations. The Tech program aligns with Skills Immigration, so interested applicants should review the various streams within this category to find their best fit and qualified immigration option.

BC PNP Eligible Occupations

NOC CodeJob Title
0131Telecommunication carriers managers
0213Computer and information systems managers
2171Information systems analysts and consultants
2131Civil engineers
2132Mechanical engineers
2133Electrical and electronics engineers
0512Managers – publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts
2134Chemical engineers
2147Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)
2172Database analysts and data administrators

Job Offer Requirements

The program has unique job offer requirements. Your job offer must be for any in-demand occupations to qualify for the program. If the applicant already works for the employer, they must have at least 120 days remaining in that position time of application submission.

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