Canada offers various emigration programs that allow Canadians to sponsor their family arms to Canada as a nation responsible for reunification and to keep like ones together.

One of the most popular programs of Canadian settlement, the family sponsorship stream, makes it easy for residents and permanent residents to declare their spouse and instant family members to Canada with lessened processing times. Canada recognizes that family should never be put on the clutch.

Family Sponsorship Nominee Program

Programs Offered by Family Sponsorship

The family sponsorship stream administers the following programs to sponsor your family members to Canada.

Spouse Or The Common-Law Partner Sponsorships – Family Sponsorship

Please take advantage of a fast 12-month processing time by sponsoring your partner for Canadian permanent residency, whether they are residing in Canada with a legitimate, short-term visa or abroad. Applicants residing in Canada may also pass an open work license, allowing couples to relieve some of their economic burdens.

A spousal open work license allows sponsored people to operate in Canada while their sponsorship request is being processed. Since Canada understands common-law assistance, you may be eligible to practice for spousal support if you and your partner are not wedded but have lived together for 1 year.

Child Or Any Other Dependent Sponsorship – Family Sponsorship

If you are emigrating to Canada, you can decide to add your children as the following dependents on your request for permanent residency. However, if you prefer not to include them, they may still be ready to enter you in Canada later. 

Canada’s child sponsorship stream allows Canadian residents and permanent citizens to sponsor their natural or adopted children under 22 years of age for continual residence. They are single and have no kids of their own.

Parent or Grandparent Sponsorship – Family Sponsorship

Canada’s responsibility for family reunification spreads to parents and grandparents of Canada’s citizens and permanent residents through this stream. They must also allow assisting their sponsored family members if required financially.

To sponsor a parent, a grandparent, residents, and permanent citizens are expected to demonstrate that they can support their relationship financially by meeting the MNI for the extent of their family unit.

Sponsors who are incapable of permanently supporting their parent or grandparent are suitable for a Super Visa.

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