Quebec Entrepreneur Program

The Quebec Entrepreneur Program is for immigrant managers to establish a new company or obtain and manage an existing company in the province of Quebec.

The Quebec Entrepreneur Program is a settlement path pointing out immigrant entrepreneurs who can establish a new company or get and manage an existing market. Successful candidates can migrate to Quebec, where they will carry out their marketing projects. As with Quebec’s settlement paths, this program enables applicants to ask for a CSQ – Québec election certificate. Upon obtaining a CSQ, a candidate becomes suitable to submit an authentic request for Canadian permanent residency.

Quebec Entrepreneur Program

Quebec Entrepreneur Program Requirements

To get eligible for this stream, you must follow these two streams of requirements for applying quickly.

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Stream 1 – Quebec Entrepreneur Program

To be suitable for this stream, the applicant must reside in Quebec to build a new business or obtain an existing business and control the business processes. 

Successful candidates will have to make two business deposits as part of their application request:

  1. Security sediment of CAD 200,000 assures that the company will be created and returned when the marketing plan is carried out triumphantly.
  2. Start-up security needs to be used to set up the market. The deposit is CAD 300,000 for professions created in Montreal and CAD 200,000 for marketing generated outside Montreal.

All candidates must meet the following qualification conditions:

  • Have total assets of at least CAD 900,000 that have been lawfully obtained with, where appropriate, a spouse or common-law companion if they are following the candidate.
  • The application must be performed in the form of a marketing plan.
  • If the candidate plans for a different business, they must command at least 25% of their capital. If the candidate is acquiring an existent business, they must control 51% of its equity funds.
  • The business cannot be included in the following actions: payday advances, cheque drawing, pawnbroking, and many more.
  • A received business must have been in service during the 5 years according to request.

Stream 2 – Quebec Entrepreneur Program

To be suitable, candidates must reside in Quebec to build and operate a company backed by a service offer.

  1. The company project may be moved alone, or three of whom can be international citizens appealing to the same immigration program. There is no strict definition for the kinds of organizations that can carry through a service proposal.
  2. The service proposal providing business must describe their capacity to promote the candidate and their marketing project. The setting offers must display the ways in which this assistance will occur, marking the following elements:
  • Proposed support plan: Register and variety of services offered to the applicant.
  • Operating plan: Comprehensive budget of the service proposal and the agenda of activities.

Additional Information

Requests will take into record other circumstances as well, including age, language ability, education, economic self-sufficiency, holidays to Quebec, family in Quebec, and training experience. Candidates must apply in the form of a marketing plan, assuring that they add up all forms and requirements listed on the leading site of the MIDI.

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