Ontario Provincial Nominee Program

The OINP three categories and their several streams

The province lies in the city of Toronto, the commercial hub of Canada, and the capital city of Ottawa.

Ontario is one of the most populated regions of Canada. The growing job opportunities and the excess of natural sources pull thousands of foreigners every year. The most appealing phase of Ontario is the multicultural community, and the various languages are spoken here.

Ontario Provincial Nominee Program
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OINP Categories and Their Several Streams

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program, a PNP, is a combination of immigration paths allowing foreign citizens to become permanent residents of Canada. This PNP is designed to draw immigrants into sectors that will serve the province. The province administers various immigration programs divided into three classes:

Ontario Human Capital Category – OINP

Ontario Human Capital Category incorporates a variety of immigration programs pointing out applicants for Ontario’s labour force. This program highlights skills or expertise which recommend a foreign citizen can comfortably join the labour force of Ontario. Those with a job or educational practice, experts in both English and French language ability, and those with aggressive EE profiles may find victory through the following programs. Read more

Read more about these two programs and the eligibility requirements offered by Human Capital Category.

Ontario Employer Job Offer – OINP

Ontario Employer Job Offer program gives immigration opportunities for candidates who have a legitimate job offer from an Ontario company. Both the company and the business itself must satisfy specific requirements to be considered accurate. The candidate must also meet specific qualification requirements depending on which program they wish to practice through. Read more

Read more about these programs and their eligibility requirements are given by Employer Job Offer by Ontario.

Business Category – OINP

The business category has one stream:

Entrepreneur streamYou must be an entrepreneur from outside of Canada looking to start a new business or buy an existing business in Ontario.


The documentation may vary according to the programs, but the following documents are essential for the application for OPNP.

  • Identity and proof of payment.
  • Valid passport.
  • Language skill test result.
  • Proof of past job experience.
  • Police clearance license and ECA.
  • Medical test reports.
  • Settlement plan.

Application Procedure – Ontario Provincial Nominee Program

  • Examine the eligibility standards of the EE.
  • Generate a profile on EE.
  • To implement the OINP EE immigration stream, you must pass for CEC and FSWP.
  • Your application has now accessed the EE pool.
  • The province hunts for special applicants.
  • If you are a proper candidate according to the requirements, you will get the NOI.
  • Present your application to the OINP in 45 days.
  • After applying, you will get an email verification.
  • If you are chosen, you will get a nomination license and a job authorization support letter.
  • You must receive the provincial appointment within 30 days.
  • If you affirm, your CRS score will rise by 600 points.
  • You will receive the ITA in the EE draw.
  • You must present the continual residency request within 60 days.

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