The province of Ontario is the most popular destination for new immigrants to Canada. The city of Toronto is in Ontario, and it is an essential place for business. Ottawa is the capital of Canada and the nation and a great place too!

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is a pathway to becoming a Canadian permanent resident. It is designed to recruit people from outside Canada who want to live in Ontario. It can be used by individuals who are not eligible for any other method of immigration.

Ontario Business PNP

The OINP Entrepreneur Stream application involves a two-phase process:

Phase I:

  • Initiate an online Expression of Interest (EOI) and register it with OINP.
  • Prepare and submit the Entrepreneur Stream application, including necessary documents and fees.
  • Participate in a mandatory interview during the assessment.
  • Sign a Performance Agreement detailing investment and job creation terms with OINP upon approval.

Phase II:

  • Obtain a letter supporting a temporary work permit for applying to IRCC.
  • Arrive in Ontario on a temporary work permit to establish and execute the business plan within 20 months.
  • Upon meeting Performance Agreement conditions, receive a nomination from the Government of Ontario.
  • Apply for Canadian permanent residence within 6 months of nomination and undergo 36 months of post-nomination monitoring by OINP.

Eligibility Criteria:

Financial Criteria:

Ownership and Job Creation:

Other Considerations:

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Business Minimum Requirements:

Additional Guidelines for Purchasing an Existing Business:

  • Continuous operation under the same ownership for the 60 months before the applicant’s purchase is necessary.
  • Documentation demonstrating ownership and intent to purchase/sale agreement is mandatory.
  • Complete transfer of ownership from prior owner(s) to the applicant, business partner (if applicable), and any third-party investor(s) is required.
  • No previous ownership/operation by current or former OINP business stream nominees is allowed.
  • Preservation of existing permanent full-time jobs is mandatory.
  • Additional job creation requirements based on location apply for purchased businesses within or outside the GTA.
  • Maintenance of current wage levels and employment terms for existing staff is mandatory.
  • The proposed business plan should outline intentions for business growth, with at least 10% of the minimum personal investment allocated for Ontario business improvement or expansion.

Nominations Minimum Criteria:

Requirements for Nomination:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the official language at CLB 4 level or its equivalent, assessed through various language tests.
  • Reside physically in Ontario for at least 75 percent (nine months out of the year) during the business establishment period.
  • Maintain active involvement in the day-to-day management of business operations.

Additional Notes:

Expression of Interest (EOI) Evaluation and Processing Overview:


Performance Agreement Overview:

Temporary Work Permit and Business Establishment:

Projects rejected by the Province of Ontario

Nomination and Requirements:

  • Nominees meeting obligations must apply to IRCC for permanent resident status within six months of OINP nomination.
  • Actively managing the business, residing in Ontario for nine months yearly during the Performance Agreement, and demonstrating CLB 4 or higher in English or French is essential.
  • Meeting federal admissibility requirements, including security and medical checks, is also mandatory.

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