Sponsor Your Spouse to Canada

Canadian spousal sponsorship is for a Canadian resident or permanent resident who can sponsor their companion to come to Canada and reside permanently. In Canada, we know how great it is for relations to be together. For this reason, requests for spousal sponsorship are recognized as a first preference.

Sponsor Your Spouse to Canada

Required Time To Sponsor Your Spouse to Canada

Sponsorship requests take approximately 12 months to prepare from start till end. They are typically not treated much quicker than the 12 months. In some cases, they get longer, varying on the nature of your problem.

If you have a complex case, or the permit office needs additional proof of your link, this will hesitate the processing of your state, and it will take longer.

Eligibility Requirements to sponsor your spouse to Canada

You may be available to sponsor your spouse if you are a Canadian national or permanent resident and satisfy the following conditions:

  • The applicant should be above 18 years, residing in Canada, or preparing to return to Canada once your spouse or companion becomes a continual resident of Canada.
  • The candidate must be capable of giving for the primary business needs of your spouse or companion for 3 years.

If you are wedded and resembling into sponsoring your husband or wife, settlement officers will demand to see the following evidence:

  • Marriage document.
  • Wedding cards and photos.
  • Birth certificates or approval records for any kids you and your spouse have mutually.
  • Proof of certification of marriage with state authority.

Cost Of Sponsoring Your Spouse to Canada

The administration processing fees for sponsoring your spouse in Canada are mentioned below. If you support your mate and have dependent kids, an extra payment of $150 will be needed for each child involved in the application. 

  • The sponsorship charge $75. 
  • Principal candidate processing charge $475. 
  • Right of permanent residency expense $500.
  • Biometrics: $85.
  • Total: $1135.

If the sponsor lives in Quebec or plans to reside in Quebec upon the issuance of continual residency, an additional payment of 289$ CAD will need to be given in extension to the fees stated above.

Cost Of Sponsorship

Types of Sponsoring your Spouse

Two types are given in accordance to sponsor your spouse that is given below.

Inland Spousal Sponsorship

The candidate should apply under the Spouse or Common-Law companions in Canada Class (Inland) if:

  • You reside with the sponsor in Canada.
  • You own a legitimate immigration state in Canada.
  • You would like to appeal for an open job permit to operate in Canada while the request is in process.

Suppose your spouse or common-law partner is out of the situation in Canada. In that case, they may present under this program while being preserved under a public plan that allows them to stay in Canada.

Outland Spousal Sponsorship

The candidate should apply under the Family Class (Outland) sponsorship program if:

  • Your spouse-law companion resides outside of Canada.
  • You are currently residing in Canada with the supporter but do not plan to wait in Canada for the term of the application method.

A downside to practicing the program is that residing with your spouse may be challenging until your request has been approved. However, your spouse can ask for a temporary visa to proceed to Canada while the outland aid application is processed.

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