Skilled Workers in Manitoba

The Skilled Workers Program in Manitoba is for experienced immigrant workers who have the abilities required to fulfill jobs in the confined labour market and want to make ongoing contributions to Manitoba’s economy and society.

This stream is regionally driven and based on the requirements of employers in Manitoba. They select internationally qualified and skilled workers who have the skills required in the local labour market and specify that they gain a Canadian permanent resident visa to live and work in Manitoba.

Skilled Workers in Manitoba

Eligibility Criteria for Skilled Workers in Manitoba

  1. Status: Applicants must be either a qualified temporary foreign worker or an international student graduate.
  2. Education: International student graduates must have completed an authorized education or training program at a public or registered private vocational post-secondary institution in Manitoba. Language programs are excluded.
  3. Program Length: The academic or vocational program must have been full-time and lasted at least one academic year.
  4. Completion: Candidates must have completed the program and received a diploma, degree, or certificate.
  5. Job Offer: Applicants must possess a permanent, full-time job offer from their current Manitoba employer.
  6. Work Experience: They must have worked continuously for their current Manitoba employer for at least six months, excluding specific circumstances such as self-employment, unauthorized work, or full-time study.
  7. Permits: Hold a valid Work Permit or Post-Graduation Work Permit from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  8. Qualifications: Meet all qualifications for the position, including training, education, and required licenses or certifications.
  9. Language Proficiency: Demonstrate job-ready proficiency in English or French to fulfill job duties.
  10. Connection to Manitoba: Establish a stronger connection to Manitoba through employment compared to ties with other provinces.
  11. Settlement Plan: Present a Settlement Plan indicating the intention and ability to live, work, and establish a family in Manitoba as a permanent resident.
  12. Settlement Funds: Demonstrate sufficient settlement funds, generally CAD 10,000 for the principal applicant plus CAD 2,000 for each dependent included in the application.

Cost Required

You must confirm that you have sufficient arrangement funds—usually $10,000 for the principal candidate, plus $2,000 for each dependent involved in the application.

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What are the ineligibility criteria?

  1. Self-employed individuals, business owners, owner-operators, or those operating as independent contractors for the business supporting their application.
  2. Individuals exempt from requiring a work permit for employment in Manitoba, such as Ministers of Religion,.
  3. Applicants submitting based on an employment offer from a work-study program.
  4. Refugee claimants or those engaged in a federal appeal or removal process.
  5. Live-in caregivers presently residing in Canada.
  6. Temporary foreign workers are currently employed and reside in a province other than Manitoba.
  7. Spouses of Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
  8. Individuals who have received a refusal from the MPNP within the last six months and cannot rectify the reasons for the refusal.
  9. Applicants with an active immigration application in progress with any other provincial immigration program in Canada.

Employer Minimum Criteria

Manitoba’s Expression of Interest (EOI) System Process

Step One: Expression of Interest

Step Three: Nomination and Permanent Residence

Upon receiving a nomination from the province of Manitoba, candidates proceed to submit their complete documentation to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and apply for Canadian permanent residence.

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