Asylum in Canada


Asylum in Canada

How Seeking Asylum in Canada Works

There are many reasons you may be interested in seeking asylum in Canada. Applying for asylum and moving to a new country can be a frightening and lengthy experience. However, it can be worth it if circumstances in your home country are unsafe or make it impossible for you to live a full life.

Who Qualifies for Asylum in Canada?

To qualify, you must show that there are a number of circumstances in your home country that make it dangerous for you to remain there. These include civil war, armed conflict, and human rights violations that have seriously affected you on a personal level. They may also include a threat of torture, death, or cruel or unusual punishment.

You will also be asked to demonstrate that your home government is not willing or able to protect you against these circumstances.

People who have left their home country and cannot return for fear of death or unjust imprisonment may also qualify to seek asylum in Canada. Each case will be ruled on an individual basis. Unfortunately, there is no real way to know ahead of time if your case will be approved unless you are working with an immigration or asylum lawyer.

In addition to the requirements above, there are other factors that can influence your eligibility to enter Canada. This includes your criminal history as well as your history of seeking asylum and whether you are protected by another country.

How Do You Apply for Asylum in Canada?

You will apply for asylum in Canada when you enter the country at a port of entry. If you are unable to do so, you may also apply once you enter the country at a CBSA or Immigrations, Refugees and Citizenship Canada office.

Canada is bound to review asylum claims as a part of several international treaties. However, it also takes the safety and security of both asylum applicants and Canadian citizens very seriously. When you apply for asylum, you will receive health and security screenings. This includes a series of background checks such as your criminal background and biographic and biometric checks.

Waiting on the Status of Your Application

The IRB is dedicated to providing all asylum seekers with a fair trial. This will consider their individual case from all angles, including whether they fit the description of a refugee as defined by the United Nations. The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act dictates that a refugee is a person who would be at risk of unjust imprisonment, inhumane treatment, or torture and death if they were sent back to their native country.

Even while you are waiting for your claim to be processed, however, you will have access to most or all services that are available to Canadian citizens. This includes emergency housing, medical care, education, social assistance, and legal help. After you receive an official medical examination, you will likely become eligible for work. It is difficult to put a time frame on when you will get a final decision regarding your application. However, in general, processing takes about four months.

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