Can I work in Canada as a visitor?

Can I work in Canada as a visitor?

As a visitor, you are allowed to do the following:

1. You can enter and stay in Canada as a visitor:

The visitor visa is a legal status to lets you stay in Canada for up to 6 months at a maximum, so if you are planning to immigrate to Canada soon, you can visit Canada to know how it goes with life in Canada and also compare provinces work-wise, cultural experience and best places to live.

2. Start your process of searching for a job:

  • Prove that you will return to your country.
  • Prove that you won’t work in Canada without a valid work permit.
  • Don’t lie to the immigration officer in any way.

3. You can join a short-term course:

To be eligible to study in Canada, a study permit is generally required. Nonetheless, under certain uncommon circumstances, you may study in Canada using a visitor visa, provided these criteria are met:

  • The educational institution conducting the course is not a Designated Learning Institute (DLI).
  • The course or program’s length is under six months.
  • The course is not part of a longer academic program.
  • You will finish the course within the validity period of your visitor visa.

4. Apply for extending your stay in Canada:

5. You can start performing business activities while being in Canada:

Typically, a work permit is required to work in Canada, but certain business-related activities can be conducted with a visitor visa, provided they don’t involve entering the Canadian job market directly. Activities you can engage in include:

6. Apply for a work permit:

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As a visitor, you aren’t allowed to do the following:

1. You can’t stay in Canada permanently as a visitor:

2. The visitor visa isn’t an authorization for you to work in Canada:

3. You can’t study in Canada while having a visitor status:

4. You can’t apply for a study permit while visiting Canada:

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