Canada Is Launching Online Tests for Canadian Citizenship

Canada released a new platform for online tests of citizenship, this step came in response from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to the Covid pandemic challenges. 

This platform serves those who cannot do the citizenship test in person, but instead, they will be invited to submit it online in order to facilitate and accelerate the process of applying.

The applicants will receive the results by email and in case they have a representative the results will be sent to their representatives.

Canada Is Launching Online Tests for Canadian Citizenship
Canada Is Launching Online Tests for Canadian Citizenship 1

Requirements For Becoming a Canadian Citizenship

As a first step to becoming a Canadian citizen, you must be aged 18 -54, in addition to the following requirements:

  • Acquire a permanent residency.
  • Have lived in Canada for at least 3 years. (out of the previous 5 years).
  • In case you were required to pay personal income taxes during your residency period, you must have paid taxes for at least three years out of five years.
  • Good language ability (in French or English).
  • Manifest enough awareness of life in Canada.
  • Not be under elimination.

Advantages of Being a Canadian Citizenship

A person who has Canadian citizenship will obtain several rights including: 

  • Rights to live and work in any province in Canada. 
  • The right to vote whether in federal, provincial, or municipal elections. 
  • The right of being nominated for political status.
  • The freedom of entering and leaving Canada without the need to count residency days.
  • The ability to get a Canadian passport, which is considered one of the most important passports in the world.
  • Your newborn children will gain Canadian citizenship automatically even if they were born inside or outside Canada.

Is Permanent Residence a Condition To Being Canadian citizenship?

In most cases, people who wish to get Canadian citizenship must apply for permanent residence status through available immigration programs in Canada. Then they can apply for Canadian citizenship except in rare cases which involve international adoption.

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