Your Ultimate Guide to High Demand Jobs in British Columbia That Pay Up To $30/Hour

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Introduction to High Demand Jobs in British Columbia That Pay Up To $30/Hour

As you gear up to advance your career in the dynamic labor market of British Columbia, a multitude of lucrative opportunities awaits you. Regardless of your base – be it the tranquil Vancouver Islands, the thriving Southwest Mainland, the serene North Coast, and Nechako, or regions like Thompson-Okanagan, Kootenay, and Cariboo, high-demand jobs are within your grasp. These jobs, which offer up to $30 per hour, are not just in high demand at present. They’re also predicted to see significant growth and continue to be sought after over the coming decade.

The Robust High Demand Jobs Landscape of British Columbia

In British Columbia’s thriving economic scene, opportunities abound across various sectors such as healthcare, tech, service, and more. Each job profile listed here has been meticulously chosen based on comprehensive factors, including present job availability, projected growth, anticipated market competitiveness, recent unemployment statistics, and current wage trends. British Columbia’s economy unfolds diverse job opportunities across sectors like healthcare, technology, service sectors, and more. Our selection of high-demand, well-paying occupations is underpinned by four pivotal factors:

  • Present job availability and anticipated employment growth
  • Expected market competitiveness
  • Recent unemployment statistics and unemployment insurance data
  • Prevailing wage rates

Detailed Exploration of High Demand Jobs Profiles

In order to guide your career decisions, we present a meticulously compiled list of high-demand jobs, each entry detailing the hourly wage, projected job openings over the next decade, and required education qualifications.

OccupationHourly WageProjected Job Openings (2022-2032)Education Requirements
Hairstylists and Barbers$17.005,856Apprenticeship Certificate
Early Childhood Educators and Assistants$19.9612,422Diploma/Certificate
Retail Sales Supervisors$22.0014,696High School
Medical Administrative Assistants$22.941,985Diploma/Certificate
Health Services Support Occupations$23.562,225Diploma/Certificate
Nurse Aides, Orderlies, and Patient Service Associates$24.0018,324Diploma/Certificate
Home Building and Renovation Managers$24.009,836Diploma/Certificate
Restaurant and Food Service Managers$24.008,879High School
Court Reporters, Medical Transcriptionists, and Related Occupations$24.00782Diploma/Certificate
Accounting Technicians and Bookkeepers$25.009,538Diploma/Certificate
Medical Laboratory Technicians and Pathologists’ Assistants$25.311,800Diploma/Certificate
Therapy and Assessment Professionals$25.33746Degree
Religious Professionals$25.641,889Degree
Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations Professionals$27.475,383Degree
Administrative Officers$27.8819,537Diploma/Certificate
Web Designers and Developers$28.304,637Degree
Customer and Personal Service Managers$28.372,230Diploma/Certificate
Supply Chain, Tracking, and Scheduling Co-Ordination Supervisors$28.853,125Diploma/Certificate
Authors and Writers$28.852,188Degree
Wholesale Trade Technical Sales Specialists$29.335,961Degree
Electronic Service Technicians (Household and Business Equipment)$29.333,600Diploma/Certificate
Computer Network Technicians$29.504,620Diploma/Certificate

For a deeper dive into each occupation, click on the corresponding links to explore the nuances of job specifics and identify existing opportunities in British Columbia.

Futures Cape of BC’s High Demand Jobs Market

The labor market in BC looks promising for the future, with the listed jobs not only being in high demand currently but expected to sustain their growth over the next decade.


Equipped with this extensive list, you’re all set to navigate the job market of British Columbia confidently. Align your skills, interests, and education with these thriving sectors, and you’re well on your way to embarking on a rewarding career journey in BC.


The high-demand jobs in BC span across sectors from healthcare, such as medical administrative assistants, to technology fields, such as web designers and developers, and service sectors, like retail sales supervisors.

While the pay scale varies across jobs, all the positions listed in this guide offer up to $30/hour.

The qualifications vary with the job profile. Some roles require only a high school diploma, while others might necessitate a specific degree, diploma, or certificate.

Indeed, these jobs are expected to sustain their high-demand status and grow further over the forthcoming decade.

Preparing for these jobs entails acquiring the requisite education, honing the necessary skills, and garnering relevant experience. This might encompass earning a degree, completing an apprenticeship, or acquiring work experience in the field.

This guide is your key to unlocking a prosperous future in British Columbia. Make informed career decisions and steer your career path in the direction of growth and success. The perfect opportunity awaits you in British Columbia, seize it today!

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