How can I sponsor a relative in Canada?

How can I sponsor a relative in Canada?

If you’re a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident who wants to bring a loved one to join you in the Great White North, sponsoring a relative to immigrate to Canada is a wonderful option. This process allows you to reunite with family members, providing them with the opportunity for a better life in Canada. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps of sponsoring a relative in Canada, ensuring that you have all the information you need to navigate the process successfully.

Can you sponsor a relative to come to Canada?

Yes! You can sponsor a relative to come to Canada. But before diving into the sponsorship process, it’s essential to ensure that you meet the necessary eligibility criteria.

Understand the Eligibility Criteria to sponsor a relative in Canada

To sponsor a relative under the family class in Canada to be an immigrant, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.
  • Be a registered person as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act (If this applies to you). 
  • Be financially capable of supporting your relative when they arrive.

You must live in Canada to be able to sponsor relatives who are eligible unless you are a Candian Citizen who lives outside Canada but planning to return once your relatives immigrate.

It’s crucial to have a thorough understanding of the specific requirements and restrictions associated with different family relationships, such as spouses, children, parents, and grandparents.

Determine the Relationship Category

Family sponsorship programs in Canada are divided into various categories, each with its own set of guidelines and requirements. Understanding the relationship category will help you determine the appropriate application stream and ensure you are applying under the correct program.

The most common categories include:

  • Spouses.
  • Partners.
  • Parents & grandparents.
  • Dependent children.
  • Adopted children.

Gather the Required Documents for Family Sponsorship

To successfully sponsor a relative, you must compile and submit the necessary documents to support your application. The specific documents may vary depending on the relationship category, but some common requirements include:

  • Proof of identity.
  • Proof of relationship.
  • Financial documents.
  • Police clearance certificates.

Ensure that all documents are up-to-date, accurately completed, and meet the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) requirements.

Meet the Financial Obligations

As a sponsor, you are responsible for meeting the financial obligations of your sponsored relative during their initial period in Canada. This includes providing financial support for their basic needs, such as:

  1. Housing.
  2. Food & clothing.

Demonstrating your ability to support your relative financially is a crucial aspect of the sponsorship application. The income requirement varies based on the size of your family and the number of individuals you plan to sponsor.

How to apply to sponsor a relative?

You must now apply online

As of September 23, 2022, it is now mandatory to apply online. 

Who can I sponsor to come to Canada?

You can sponsor the following categories:

  • spouse
  • common-law partner
  • conjugal partner
  • son or daughter
  • parent
  • grandparent
  • orphaned brother or sister
  • orphaned nephew or niece
  • orphaned grandchild

Submitting the Sponsorship Application

Once you have gathered all the necessary documents and ensured you meet the eligibility criteria, it’s time to submit your sponsorship application. Double-check that you have completed all forms accurately, paid the required fees, and included all supporting documents. Any missing or incomplete information can delay the processing of your application. Be prepared for a waiting period, as processing times can vary.

How long does it take to get relative sponsorship in Canada?

The processing time for relative sponsorship varies by country.

After submitting your application, it will be processed by the IRCC. During this period, the authorities may request additional documents or schedule interviews. It is important to respond to any such requests to avoid delays promptly. Once your application is approved, your relative will be issued a visa or permit, allowing them to join you in Canada.

Sponsoring a relative to come to Canada is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can confidently navigate the sponsorship process. Remember to carefully review all the requirements, gather the necessary documents, and submit a complete application to maximize your chances of success. The joy of reuniting with your loved ones in Canada will undoubtedly make the entire process worthwhile.

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