Immigrating to Canada as a Skilled Worker

Immigrating to Canada as a Skilled Worker

Immigrating to Canada as a Skilled Worker

Skilled workers and entrepreneurs are in high demand throughout the territories and provinces of Canada. Immigrating to Canada as a skilled worker is a process designed to help skilled foreign workers relocate as easily as possible. A primary goal of the Canadian immigration system is to bring in foreign workers who will further add to Canada’s expanding economy. Skilled workers who immigrate to Canada and become permanent residents are an invaluable boon to the Canadian economy, and they also strengthen its native workforce.

Applicants who are accepted to Canada’s Skilled Worker Immigration programs receive permanent residency status through a Canadian Immigration Visa. This program has specific eligibility requirements that applicants must meet to be accepted. The requirements include language abilities, education, and skilled work experience. Anyone who does not meet these minimum requirements is ineligible to use the Skilled Worker Immigration programs. However, individuals may still qualify under one of Canada’s other immigration programs.

Factors That Contribute to Decisions

Anyone who meets the minimum eligibility requirements will then be assessed based on their education, work experience, age, and English and/or French skills. Applicants will also be asked whether they have a valid job offer and how well they would be likely to settle if they moved to Canada. These factors are mapped to a 100-point grid system that checks applicants for eligibility under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Applicants can earn points depending on how well they match the six considered factors.

Various Options for Skill Workers

Skilled workers and entrepreneurs have a few options available to them when seeking to immigrate to Canada. Individual applicants may be eligible for the Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Class. Others who seek to relocate to Quebec may be eligible for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. If an applicant decides on a particular territory or province, they can apply to immigrate through one of the many Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

Federal Skilled Worker Program

The Federal Skilled Worker Program is for applicants who possess specific types of work experience and want to live in a territory or province outside of Quebec.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is for applicants who want to immigrate to Quebec. Applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements to be accepted.

Provincial Nominee Programs

PNPs exist in most territories and provinces in Canada. These are programs designed to help applicants who want to move to a particular area. PNPs are expedited immigration programs that enable applicants to receive a provincial nomination certificate that allows them to immigrate more quickly than through alternative programs.

Receiving a Job Offer

Canadian employers are often looking for skilled foreign workers to add to their workforce. Often, these employers want to bring in new workers as quickly as possible. Foreign workers who receive job offers from Canadian employers may be eligible for an expedited immigration application process. Not all job offers qualify, however, and other eligibility requirements can still factor in.

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