Luai Walid El-Haj in an interview with Best Startup Canada: Providing immigration, business, and study consultations to enter Canada are our main services

In an interview with Best Startup Canada, El Haj stressed that ” our priority is to make our clients satisfied by providing immigration, business, and study consultations to enter Canada”.

He mentioned that he has helped many clients from different countries to enter Canada due to his experience in both Canadian provincial and federal immigration.

Also, he was asked about his experience in this field and answered that he has a business management background, interested in bringing new immigrants to Canada, in addition to his passion for helping people.

The interviewer asked him about the services that he provides for clients and he mentioned some of the services that his business provides:

  • Represent clients in front of IRCC.
  • Help refugee claimants to get accepted in Canada.

In addition, El Haj was asked about his inspiration and his secrets to success. And he replied that becoming an immigrant who came to Canada 20 years ago and knowing the stages and the whole process of immigration to Canada inspired him in his business.

Regarding his secrets of success, he mentioned that being familiar with different cultures, countries, religions, and situations and being a good listener to clients’ needs led to achieving a 97% success rate.

He was asked about his plan for the next 5 years and he answered that he is seeking to:

  • Exceed the client’s expectations by providing the highest quality Canadian Immigration services.
  • Build long-term relationships with clients.
  • Have happy and satisfied clients.
  • Distinguish this field with integrity, honesty, teamwork, and innovation.

At the end of the interview, he was asked about his biggest challenge. And he mentioned a story that happened to him and how he converted the challenge into a success story. Read More

When his former coworker, who has 25+ years of experience as an immigration attorney and was one of the best immigration attorneys all over Canada, retired and gave all active files to El-Haj with limited time to finish. He assured that this situation led him to read more about clients’ countries, fears, cultures, and problems to be able to handle their cases.

He achieved more than 95% of success and this brought him more clients from different communities and a good reputation.

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