New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot Program ( NBCWPP) 

New Brunswick takes 8th place in the population among all Canadian provinces, and it currently needs extra working hands and population; this is why it announced the Federal-Provincial Critical worker pilot program. This program will target skilled workers needed in fields with vacancies challenging to fill in New Brunswick. 


New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot Program ( NBCWPP) 

What is the NBCWP? 

The New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot Program is a new pilot program introduced by the government of New Brunswick in agreement with the Canadian Federal government on the 7th of November,2022, the project’s implementation is expected to start in mid-2023, but precise information has yet to be announced.

The unique aspect of this program will not just be economic immigration to the province but also help new immigrants settle by giving settlement plans. 

Among the most in-demand fields in New Brunswick, this program will target to fill the labour shortage gaps within Manufacturing, Agriculture & Farming, Food Production, and Fishing.

Who are the Identified Employers for NBCWPP? 

The government of New Brunswick has selected six employers to take part in filling the labour shortage in the province as well as recruiting experienced immigrants. 

The NB Government selected these companies according to their excellent history of hiring immigrants and experience in settlement services for new immigrants. 

These six companies are:

  • Cooke Aquaculture.
  • Groupe Savoie Inc.
  • Groupe Westco.
  • Imperial Manufacturing.
  • J.D. Irving Ltd.
  • McCain Foods.

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What are the services which employers will provide to the immigrants? 

This program is expected to show some tolerance in Language abilities but focuses mainly on expertise in the required fields mentioned above. 

New Brunswick’s main aim of this pilot program is to bring experienced immigrants who are expected to establish new lives in the province and will help them settle by giving support in different aspects. 

  1. Have robust settlement plans for housing and transportation to best support the successful establishment of candidates in their new jobs and communities, with firm commitments to long-term retention;
  2. Have comprehensive human resources planning for recruiting and hiring skilled international talent and for on-the-job skills enhancement;
  3. Provide up to 200 hours of language training, as required, to candidates; and
  4. Offer guidance and support to candidates who may wish to pursue their Canadian secondary education equivalency.

 What do you need to do now?

We expect this pilot program’s new guidelines and policies at the beginning of 2023, so you should prepare yourself in all aspects needed; For example, consider checking the six business profiles and see what fields they need employees in. You can also take a preparation course in the English Language to pass the interviews at least.