New intake for sponsoring parents and grandparents opens on May 21

In the most recent update from IRCC, the 2024 Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship intake was opened by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada on May 21, 2024. To finalize 20,500 fully completed applications, the current intake is looking forward to inviting 35,700 sponsors, an increase of 5,500 from last year.

It’s a decision taken by IRCC to have more families living together and looking after their parents or grandparents on a permanent residence basis. Those who are interested in sponsoring should ensure that they meet the required qualifications before taking any further steps.

New intake for sponsoring parents and grandparents opens on May 21

Invitations will start being sent out this year, around May 21, by the IRCC. This suggests that this year there are no new sponsorships available. This means that the invitations will go to only a few selected individuals randomly drawn from interest-to-sponsor forms, and these constitute those submitted last year in 2020. This selection method mirrors the approach utilized in previous intake years (2021, 2022, and 2023).

Individuals who submitted interest-to-sponsor forms in 2020 but did not receive invitations in 2021, 2022, or 2023 are advised to monitor the email address they provided during registration. Those selected to apply for the 2023 intake must electronically submit their applications through either the Permanent Residence Portal or the Representative Permanent Residence Portal.

This is an efficient process, part of the effort IRCC is making to continue family reunification through the Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship Program. Interested sponsors can now start getting ready for the said intake period and be guided by the set guidelines for the submission of applications through the said online portals.

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Can I sponsor my parents and grandparents in 2024?

To sponsor your parents or grandparents for permanent residency under the 2024 program in Canada, what will be the basic requirements to meet to qualify?

Citizenship and Residency Status

For you to sponsor your parents or grandparents to come live with you in Canada as permanent residents under this program, you should either be a Canadian citizen, an Indian who has registered under the Canadian Indian Act, or an adult aged not less than 18 years old.

Financial Requirements

You must satisfy the financial obligations set by IRCC and demonstrate the ability to financially support the family you intend to sponsor. This includes providing evidence of sufficient income for the past three years.

Submission of the Interest-to-Sponsor Form

An essential prerequisite is having submitted an interest-to-sponsor form for the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) in 2020.

These criteria ensure that sponsors are adequately prepared to support their parents or grandparents throughout the sponsorship process, demonstrating financial stability and a commitment to family reunification in Canada.

Income requirement for parents and grandparents sponsorship 2024

To sponsor parents or grandparents for permanent residence in Canada according to the 2024 program, you must ensure you meet certain levels of income specific to the size of your family. Previous years had different family sizes with corresponding income needs.

Family size: 2 people

  • 2023: $44,530
  • 2022: $43,082
  • 2021: $32,898

Family size: 3 people

  • 2023: $54,743
  • 2022: $52,965
  • 2021: $40,444

Family size: 4 people

  • 2023: $66,466
  • 2022: $64,306
  • 2021: $49,106

Family size: 5 people

  • 2023: $75,384
  • 2022: $72,935
  • 2021: $55,694

Family size: 6 people

  • 2023: $85,020
  • 2022: $82,259
  • 2021: $62,814

Family size: 7 people

  • 2023: $94,658
  • 2022: $91,582
  • 2021: $69,934

For families larger than 7 people, an additional amount is added for each extra member:

  • 2023: $9,636 per additional person.
  • 2022: $9,324 per additional person.
  • 2021: $7,120 per additional person.

These income thresholds ensure that sponsors have the financial capacity to support their sponsored family members upon their arrival in Canada. Sponsors must demonstrate income levels that meet or exceed these requirements to be eligible for the Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship Program in 2024.

Advantages of the Canada Super Visa

Those who want to be with their parents and grandparents in Canada but are excluded from the sponsorship program may apply for the Canada Super Visa. A Canada Super Visa is good for ten years and includes multiple entries into Canada.

Super visa holders enjoy the privilege of staying in Canada for up to five years without needing to leave the country, with the flexibility to remain for a maximum of five years at a time. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to apply for a 2-year extension upon completing their initial 5-year stay.

Such provisions allow for more extended reunions between Canadian citizens or permanent residents and their parents and grandparents and increase the opportunity for extended family togetherness within Canada. The Super Visa is a popular option for individuals who seek to spend extended, high-quality time with their loved ones in Canada.

What is the present processing time for sponsorship applications for parents and grandparents?

The latest official IRCC processing report indicates that for applications for sponsorship for parents and grandparents in Canada, the overall processing time is about 20 months, excluding Quebec.

For applicants to PGP who will reside in Quebec, the average IRCC processing time is about 33 months.

The opening of a new intake to sponsor parents and grandparents on May 21 is an exciting opportunity for Canadian citizens and permanent residents to be reunited with loved ones. This new intake indicates the commitment of the government toward family reunification and a pathway for families to come together in Canada. Potential sponsors for the next intake are advised to get ready and meet the qualifications so that they can sponsor these loved ones successfully. Canada remains a haven for family values, where the different communities forming here get to tighten their bonds.

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