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Top 5 Skilled Trades In Demand 2023

Top 5 Skilled Trades In Demand in Canada 2023
Top 5 Skilled Trades In Demand 2023

With over 300 skilled trade professions in Canada, many individuals find it challenging to determine the best fit for their career aspirations. These trades are not only in high demand across Canada but also offer rewarding career paths.

To address the significant labour shortage in these trades, Canada anticipates the induction of approximately 256,000 new apprentices within the next five years.

Recognizing the importance of skilled trades, Canada is enhancing its focus in this area. They’re introducing a simplified route for individuals, whether they’ve gained experience domestically or internationally, to achieve permanent residency.

This blog aims to guide readers through the top skilled trade jobs in demand across Canada and its provinces, ensuring they make well-informed career decisions.

Canada Skilled Occupation List 2023

Based on official Canadian data, the following are the most demanded skilled trades from 2022 to 2026:

  1. Cooks: with a (NOC) code of 63200, cooks have the ability to work in various types of institutions including restaurants, lodging facilities, hospitals and healthcare facilities. In addition to healthcare institutions.

Job titles of cooks in Canada

Apprentice cookInstitutional cook
CookJourneyman/woman cook
Dietary cookLicensed cook
First cook Grill cookLine cook Second cook
Hospital cookShort order cook

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2. Industrial Electricians and Electrical Contractors:

with an NOC code of 72201, Industrial electricians are responsible for the upkeep, assessment, troubleshooting, and repair of electrical machinery in industrial settings, including the associated electronic and electrical controls.

They are commonly hired by electrical contractors and are also found working in the maintenance departments of various industrial sites such as factories, mines, shipyards, and other similar facilities.

Job titles for Industrial Electricians 

Industrial electricianMine electrician
Industrial electrician apprenticePlant electrician
Marine electricianPlant maintenance electrician
Mill electricianShipyard electrician
  1. Industrial Mechanics (Millwrights):

Industrial mechanics, also known as construction millwrights, are identified by the NOC code 72400. Their primary responsibilities include the installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, refurbishment, and repair of stationary mechanical equipment and industrial machinery.

This category also encompasses mechanics and repairers who specialize in industrial textile machinery. Millwright contractors predominantly operate within the construction sector.

Various sectors, including manufacturing plants, utility providers, and other industrial entities, often employ these industrial mechanics.

Job titles for Industrial Mechanics

Card fixerCard grinder
Construction millwrightIndustrial mechanic
Industrial mechanic apprenticeIndustrial sewing machine mechanic
Knitting machine mechanicLoom fixer
Loom setter – textile manufacturingLoom technician
Maintenance millwrightMillwright
Millwright apprenticeOpen-end technician
Plant equipment mechanicSpinning fixer
Textile fixerTextile machine mechanic
Textile machinery fixerTreatment plant maintenance mechanic

4. Painters and Decorators:

Professionals in the painting and decorating field are identified by the NOC code 73112. Their expertise lies in applying paint, wallpaper, and various finishes to both the interior and exterior of buildings and diverse structures.

These specialists are often employed by construction companies, painting service providers, and firms specializing in building upkeep. Additionally, many choose to operate as self-employed contractors.

Job titles for Painters and Decorators

Construction painterMaintenance painter
PainterPainter and decorator
Painter and decorator apprenticePaperhanger

5. Welders:

Professionals in the welding field are identified by the NOC code 72106. They utilize welding tools to fuse both ferrous and nonferrous metals.

This category also encompasses machine operators who manage pre-configured production equipment for welding, brazing, and soldering.

These welders may be employed by businesses involved in the fabrication of structural steel, platework, boilers, heavy machinery, aircraft, ships, and other metallic items. Additionally, they might be associated with welding contractors, specialized welding shops, or even operate as independent professionals.

Job titles for Welders

Aviation welding technician  Brazing machine operator  
Brazing machine setter  Electric arc welder  
Journeyman/woman welder  Laser welding operator  
Pressure vessel welder  Production welder  
Soldering machine operator  Spot welder  
Submerged arc welder  Welder  
Welder apprentice  Welder-fitter  

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Province-based in-demand skilled trade jobs list in Canada

Ontario: due to the ongoing construction projects, these are the most demanded jobs in Ontario:

1. Electricians
2. Plumbers
3. Carpenters
4. Welders
5. HVAC Technicians
6. Bricklayers/Masons
7. Industrial Mechanics
8. Heavy Equipment Technicians
9. Construction Managers
10. Elevator Mechanics

British Columbia: The most in-demand skilled trades in British Columbia are:

  • Electricians.
  • Carpenters.
  • Plumbers.
  • Welders.
  • heavy equipment operators.
  • and automotive service technicians.

Alberta: In-demand skilled trades in Alberta are as follows:

Heavy-duty equipment technicians
Steamfitters and pipefitters
Refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics
Industrial mechanics (millwrights)
Instrumentation and control technicians
Sheet metal workers

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