Updated income requirements for Canada’s Super Visa 2024

On June 3, 2024, the minimum income for Canada’s Super Visa was revised by the IRCC.

This year, why is the income requirement for the SUPER VISA up by about 6.8 percent compared to only 3.33 percent last year?

How can parents or grandparents of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident use the Super Visa to stay in Canada for up to five years at a time, with an additional two-year extension?

Updated income requirements for Canada's Super Visa 2024

What is a Super Visa?

A temporary visa enables parents and grandparents to stay in Canada with their families.

It allows you to stay in Canada for 5 years without needing either renewal or re-application.

The application process for a Super Visa requires a letter of invitation from a Canadian permanent resident or citizen to their parents or grandparents to come to Canada.

Applicants must showcase, based on the number of people in their family, including themselves, an annual income to meet the requirements of the application.

They must also provide medical insurance for the parent(s) or grandparent(s) for whom they are requesting a Super Visa.

It is an excellent alternative to the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) since the program on PGP’s front only issues permanent residency to a limited number of applicants.

On the contrary, 10-year multiple-entry visitor visas only allow applicants to stay in Canada for six months per entry.

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Super Visa Canada Income Requirements for 2024

1-year annual gross income required for super visa applications for various family sizes:

Size of the Family UnitNew Minimum Gross Income Requirement for 2024Old Gross Income Requirement for 2023
1 person (your child or grandchild)$29,380$27,514
2 persons$36,576$34,254
3 persons$44,966$42,100
4 persons$54,594$51,128
5 persons$61,920$57,988
6 persons$69,834$65,400
7 persons$77,750$72,814
For each additional person over seven$7,916 $7,412  

Super Visa Canada processing time

Super visa processing times depend on the nationality of the parents or grandparents.

Here are the current processing times for the most common countries, according to the latest IRCC data:

CountryProcessing Time
India              51 Days        
Nigeria            179 Days       
United States      232 Days       
Pakistan           287 Days       
Philippines        161 Days       

Note: These processing times represent the average amount of time it took for 80% of applications over the last six months to be processed. The actual processing time for your application may be longer or shorter.

Acceptable Proof of Funds for Canada Super Visas

The following documents are required to prove that the family meets the minimum income requirements as mentioned above by inviting a child or grandchild:

Additional supporting documents

Below are some of the additional documents that can further support the proof of funds mentioned above:

  • Employment letter: job title, pay, job description, hiring date
  • Pay stubs
  • Bank statements

Can You Apply for a Super Visa from Within Canada?

No, you can’t apply for a Super Visa in Canada. Your application is only valid while your parents or grandparents are outside Canada, although the immigrant stamp happens from overseas as well.

Can I stay in Canada longer than five years on a Super Visa?

Yes, you can apply for a two-year extension before your first five years in Canada expire.

Can I work in Canada with a Super Visa?

A Super Visa does not allow one to work in Canada.

Income requirements for a Canada Super Visa

The application for the Super Visa demands that the parent and grandchild show that their family has reached set income levels. In a bid to reach these levels, a basis is established using the number of dependents, inclusive of one’s child or grandchild. The thresholds then form the basis for the required gross income levels on an annual basis. These are classified as follows:

  • One person (the son, daughter, or grandchild): $29,380
  • Two persons: $36,576
  • Three persons: $44,966
  • Four persons: $54,594
  • Five persons: $61,920
  • Six persons: $69,834
  • Seven persons: $77,750

For each additional person, the threshold for the required income increases by $7,412. This shows that you have enough money available for when your mother and father visit from abroad, including giving them the assistance required.

The changing income requirements for Canada’s Super Visa put pressure on families who want their parents or grandparents back in Canada. These changes draw attention to the minimum income requirements to sponsor visiting family members during their extended stay. Applicants can better navigate the application process by staying informed and doing the necessary organization for documentation properly, which will increase the chance of approval. Even though extra effort is involved, the fulfillment of those changing requirements guarantees the chance for joyful reunions and long-quality time with family members in Canada. This underpins the relevance of the Super Visa in facilitating family reunification.

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