Canadian Immigration for Investors


If you are a business owner or international investor looking to immigrate to Canada, our firm can assist you using a variety of programs available.

If you own an international business and would like to settle in Canada, there are many options that can help you successfully immigrate in a short period of time.
Our firm has the knowledge and expertise to assist you in all phases of the immigration process, from discovering the right program for your needs to finalizing your application.


Quebec Business Immigration


To help attract international business owners to the province, Quebec offers programs that make it easier for entrepreneurs, investors and self-employed individuals immigrate.

The main requirement of the Quebec Business Immigration Program is for applicants to prove that they can be economically established upon arrival to Canada, with the intention of permanently settling in Quebec upon arrival.

Once you are successfully accepted, you will receive a Quebec Selection Certificate, and can then meet the federal requirements set by the Government of Canada to be approved for permanent residency.

There are three unique Quebec Business Immigration Programs, each with their distinct requirements and selection process:



Quebec Business Immigration - Investor Program


If you are able to invest CAD $1.2 million risk-free through an approved financial intermediary or by financing your investment, you are eligible for the the program.

Once that amount has been invested, you are able to obtain your Canadian Permanent Residence designation.

With only 1,900 application spaces available between September 2018 and the deadline of August 31, 2019, it is essential that any interested investors submit their application as quickly as possible.


The Advantages of the Quebec Investor Program


Investment Without Risk

Your CAD $1,200,000 investment is guaranteed by the Quebec government and returned in full after five years.

No Active Managerial Role Required

Once your investment is made, you will not ha ve to take an active role in managing it to receive or maintain Canadian Permanent Residency.

Family Included in Application

All of your immediate family members (spouse and dependent children) are included in the application and will be eligible for Canadian Permanent Residency.



Enjoy the Benefits Provided to All Canadians


You and your family will receive everything from universal healthcare to free public education for the rest of your lives.

Contact us today for your free consultation and discover how we can assist you in applying for the Quebec Investor Immigration Program.


Quebec Business Immigration - Entrepreneur Program


If you are an entrepreneur that can meet the net-worth requirements set out by the province, have an acceptable business project and have the start-up and security deposits necessary, you are able to qualify for this program.

You must be willing to establish or acquire a business in Quebec and actively participate in a managerial role during the duration of your stay.


The Two Components for Application


Component one for acceptance under the Quebec Entrepreneur program is that you are a startup or new business that is supported by an incubator, accelerator or university in the province.

Component two is focused on an owner-funded and operated business within the province.


Submitting a Business Project


All applicants under the Quebec Entrepreneur Program are required to submit a business project that they wish to undertake if accepted into the province. An important part in the immigration assessment, all applicants must attend a selection interview after passing the initial assessment of their application.

If you would like more information about the net-worth requirements and business projects to take advantage of this program, please contact our firm now.


Quebec Business Immigration - Self-Employed Worker


For self-employed workers that have a certain net-worth as set out by the provincial guidelines, have extensive work experience in their profession or trade that you intend to practice and are able to provide a deposit based on the region where you will work, you can be eligible for this program.

Designed to attract professionals ranging from engineering to trades to Quebec, you simply need to demonstrate your specialist skills that you plan on bringing to the province, in addition to being able to provide a deposit.

If you believe that you are eligible for Quebec’s Self-Employed Immigration Program, our immigration specialists are ready to assist you.

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