Study As International Student

Canada is a great country to study in. Whether you’re looking for an extension of your current visa or want the freedom and flexibility that comes with working after graduation – Canada may be right up your alley! Let’s discuss it!

Study As International Student

Education System

In comparison to other countries, the education system in Canada is a bit different. In Canadian public schools, primary and secondary school students take mandatory courses on French or English as a second language, which prepares them for the immersion environment of Canadian colleges and universities.

DLI is also essential to consider while choosing institutes. There are plenty of options available for study depending on what field you decide to study in.

Student Visas

The way international students apply to study in Canada is through student visas. The visa application process begins with the documentation you will need. Acquiring a secure and confirmed acceptance letter from a Canadian college or university is the first step. 

  • Next, you must prove that you have sufficient funds available to cover tuition fees and living expenses for at least one year (or more if your program takes longer than one year to complete). 
  • Once you make it to this stage, your next job is to determine which visa office manages your area and what documents they require for processing before submitting an online Express Entry profile. 
  • The process can take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks, depending on your citizenship. If you are lucky enough to pass all stages of immigration early, you may receive your student visa within a 2-3 weeks time period.

Housing And Living Costs

Canada is considered expensive when it comes to living costs, but there are ways around this. For example, international students program participants can get a work permit that allows them to study and work up to 20 hours per week on campus or part-time elsewhere during the school semester and full-time during holidays without having their student visa canceled by Immigration Canada. 

Tuition Fees And Scholarships

Canada has high tuition fees, but it also has plenty of scholarship opportunities for international students from developing countries in crisis who decide to study here for their higher education. These awards are generally competitive grants that have been made available by provincial governments.

Language And Culture

Language is one of the most important factors when it comes to succeeding as International Student in Canada. English is an official language here, although there are other languages spoken widely, such as French language/dialects, which may or may not be a problem depending on how you see things. 

  • It would be best if you learned the language before coming here or at least started to get familiar with it before reaching your new home. 
  • It’s not like you will end up in trouble for not speaking English (you will manage somehow) but if you want to integrate yourself into Canadian culture and increase your opportunities, learning the language is without a doubt essential.

Meet The English Requirements: IELTS Or Any Other Test?

English language proficiency test must be required by every international student who wants to study in Canada. Before for student visa, students need to take an English test. But it mostly depends on the institute. 

As we know, there are some other specializations of IETLS such as academic and general, so students can choose according to their needs by getting a score required for their graduate degree program.

Application Process

Once you have decided on an appropriate course for yourself, it’s time to find out whether your application has been accepted or not by the college or university department involved. You must be approved by any Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI) before starting the process.

This process must be done very carefully by taking the help of an experienced education consultant that can guide you through the process.

Choosing Your Course and University

First, you must ensure that the learning institution you wish to attend is a Designated Learning Institution, which allows you to receive a Canada Study Permit for admission.

Then, you have to select your major focus of study, so you know exactly what you will be studying once you arrive.

Apply to Your Chosen Universities

Once you have ensured you meet the requirements and have passed the English or French test, you are ready to begin applying to the universities of your choice.

We recommend selecting several to provide yourself with options, but keep in mind that there are application fees ranging from $100 to $250 for each.

If you need assistance in discovering the best Canadian university for international students, our immigration specialists are available to assist you. We have helped hundreds of students from across the world successfully apply to universities across the country.

Summing Up

Considering how hard it is to find a suitable course at one of Canada’s many reputable colleges and universities but also considering how difficult it is to obtain an acceptance letter given the foreign background of international students, Canada deserves its place in the list of the top study abroad destinations for higher learning.

We recommend you contact our Canadian international student immigration specialists so we can help you make the Canada Study Permit application process fast and easy.