Canadian Immigration Sponsorship Programs


Help bring your family members to enjoy Canada with you by taking advantage of the Family Class, which lets Canadian citizens and permanent residents sponsor their immediate family for immigration.


Canadian Family Class Applications


Given the highest priority at Canadian Visa Offices, the Family Class applications are part of the Canadian government’s commitment to keeping families together.


Canadian Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship


As a permanent resident or Canadian citizen, you are eligible to sponsor your parents and grandparents for Canadian Permanent Residency.


To sponsor for family for Canadian immigration, you simply have to meet the following requirements:


* Be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident;

* Be 18 years of age or older;

* Exceed the minimum necessary income level for this program. If married or in a common-law relationship, the income of both persons can be included;

* The sponsor must sign an undertaking to repay any provincial social assistance benefits paid to the sponsor and accompanying family member(s), if any, for a period of 20 year, if necessary; and

* If the sponsor resides in Quebec, an additional ‘undertaking’ must be signed.


To discuss sponsoring your parents or grandparents for Canadian immigration, please call for your consultation today.


Canadian Spousal Sponsorship


Our immigration consultants ensure that you can be united with your spouse in Canada by using the Spousal Sponsorship program for Canadian immigration.

As long as you are a permanent resident or Canadian citizen, you can sponsor your spouse or common-law partner for Canadian Permanent Residency.

The only requirement is that both you and your spouse must be approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) in order for the sponsored person to receive a visa.


To learn more about using Canada’s Spousal Sponsorship program, please contact our experienced team now.


Canadian Super Visa


Designed to bring the spouses, partners, parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to Canada as visitors for up to two years at a time without having to renew their status, this is a great way to reconnect with your family without the entire immigration process.

The Canadian Super Visa remains valid for up to 10 years, so your family members can re-enter during the entire period and the applicants cannot be inadmissible to Canada on the basis of health or security. However, they may be required to meet specific conditions set forth by the visa office through which they will be applying.

No dependents are able to be sponsored for the Super Visa, only spouses, common-law partners, parents and grandparents.


Our experienced Canadian immigration consultants are ready to assist you with sponsoring your family members for their Super Visa application.