Noticeable Transitions in the Express Entry system 2023

Noticeable transition in the Express Entry draw system-2023

What is the 2023 noticeable transition in the Express Entry draw system?

In December 2022 Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada IRCC announced a new C-19 Bill which will make a noticeable transition in the Express Entry draw system including the standards of choosing perfect foreign candidates with appropriate qualifications. Eventually, this may positively affect the Canadian labour market growth

The Express Entry program is designed for immigrants who have skills and certain work experience and want a fast way to enter Canada with the goal of obtaining a Canadian Permanent Residency PR.  

How did the Express Entry draw system work previously?

Every 2 weeks approximately, IRCC releases a new Express Entry draw results for applicants who applied through one of the three EE streams Federal Skilled Workers Program FSWP, Federal Skilled Trades Program FSTP, and Canadian Experience Class CEC.

The selection process of the Express Entry draw system was based on the CRS score; candidates with high CRS scores will have the chance to receive directly an Invitation to Apply for ITA from the Canadian government. 

The accepted minimum CRS scores and the number of ITAs differentiate with a decrease or increase in every EE draw result.

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What is the transition in the Express Entry draw system, and How will it work?

Canada always seeks to update immigration programs to be appropriate to Canadian needs and to release new immigration announcements. The last one was that Canada welcomes 500,000 new immigrants in the upcoming years. The Express Entry draw system transition will be the first new update in 2023.

IRCC stated that “Express Entry’s new category-based selection authorities, expected to be launched in spring 2023, will build on the success of Express Entry by increasing the flexibility to respond to evolving economic needs and Government priorities, selecting those with the skills and talents needed to support long term growth and prosperity”.

Now, IRCC will release the EE draw result on a Canadian labour market needs basis in the first quarter of 2023. This means they will select foreign candidates who have language ability, education, or work experience in specific occupations. With the aim of obtaining these candidates to fill the Canadian economy gaps and labour market Vacancies. Accomplishing this aim will bring prosperity to the whole Canadian economy.

Why is the Express Entry system witnessing changes now?

The changes in the Express Entry system will be taking place at the beginning of 2023 due to multiple reasons, most of which are:

  • The Canadian population is currently facing aging; in return, there is a low birth rate.
  • 9 million employees are heading towards retirement age by 2030, but there aren’t many younger qualified candidates to fill these vacancies. 

This will result in a Labour shortage, which Canada won’t be able to fill within years; this is exactly why it’s relying on immigrants to keep the Canadian Labour market ongoing.

Details about this change have not been released yet. Keep up with new updates to know more about the list of occupation-in-demand, certain language abilities, categories who are eligible, and more.

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