How much is rent in Canada per month?

Canada is a nation celebrated for its breathtaking landscapes and friendly citizens. But if you’ve ever pondered relocating to the Great White North or are merely curious, one key question likely lingers: “How much is rent in Canada per month?” Whether you’re eyeing the bustling streets of Toronto, the mountainous views in Vancouver, or the historic charm of Quebec City, the answer isn’t as straightforward as one might think. With vast territorial expanses and a diverse range of cities, Canada’s rental market is as varied as its geography. In this blog, we’ll traverse from coast to coast, unpacking the latest statistics and insights on Canadian rental costs, ensuring you’re well-informed on where to plant your roots – or just satisfying your curiosity!

Life in Canada can be expensive for some people, but on the other hand, you get paid to cover these living expenses.

How much is rent in Canada per month?

What are the most expensive provinces in Canada?

Ontario and Alberta both are considered the most expensive provinces in living costs in Canada, Let’s talk about each one:

Monthly Living Expenses in Ontario

Ontario, home to over 14.7 million people, stands as Canada’s most populous province and is also among its priciest. The province witnesses housing costs that surpass the national average, especially in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) where almost half of its population lives.

In the future, it’s anticipated that mortgage rates will climb, increasing the living expenses for many in Ontario.

Despite its steep rental prices, Ontario balances the scales with more reasonable costs in other areas: food, power, and communication services average at $398, $104, and $169 respectively.

Monthly Living Expenses in Alberta

Alberta is considered one of the most productive provinces in Canada.

Alberta doesn’t impose provincial taxes on merchandise and boasts a salary that is above the Canadian national average. Living in Alberta is cost-effective, characterized by reasonable rent and low fuel costs. Yet, the residents face steeper costs for essentials such as food and power.

What are the cheapest provinces in Canada?

Saskatchewan is more affordable than in provinces such as Ontario or British Columbia.

Also, Saskatchewan has a higher median income despite the lower living costs.

Monthly Living Expenses in Saskatchewan

Living and bringing up a family in Saskatchewan is notably cost-effective compared to other provinces. While it boasts some of Canada’s lowest household expenses, it’s worth noting that electricity and food can be pricey. Additionally, Saskatchewan residents enjoy one of the country’s higher median incomes, surpassing even pricier regions such as British Columbia and Ontario.

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What are the average rent prices in Canada?

Rent prices in Canada vary depending on the province, the location, the apartment type, and the number of rooms.

Let’s discuss the average rent prices in each province with the number of rooms:

Average rent prices in Montreal

ApartmentMonthly rent price
1 Bedroom$1566
2 Bedrooms$2018
3 Bedrooms$2580

Average rent prices in Mississauga

ApartmentMonthly rent price
1 Bedroom$2337
2 Bedrooms$2729
3 Bedrooms$3053

Average rent prices in Toronto

ApartmentMonthly rent price
1 Bedroom$2196
2 Bedrooms$2585
3 Bedrooms$2849

Average rent prices in Edmonton

ApartmentMonthly rent price
1 Bedroom$1296
2 Bedrooms$1481
3 Bedrooms$1635

Average rent prices in Hamilton

ApartmentMonthly rent price
1 Bedroom$1845
2 Bedrooms$2288
3 Bedrooms$2569

Average rent prices in Ottawa

ApartmentMonthly rent price
1 Bedroom$1729
2 Bedrooms$2113
3 Bedrooms$2223

Average rent prices in Vancouver

ApartmentMonthly rent price
1 Bedroom$2765
2 Bedrooms$3688
3 Bedrooms$5300

Average rent prices in Calgary

ApartmentMonthly rent price
1 Bedroom$1651
2 Bedrooms$1897
3 Bedrooms$2011

All these prices are approximate numbers as they can slightly differ according to the market, location, property type, and size.

Canada, with its vast expanse and regional diversity, showcases a wide range of rental costs. From the bustling city centers of Toronto and Vancouver, where rents can soar, to more rural or lesser-known areas that offer affordable living spaces, the rental landscape is varied. Factors such as location, property type, and market demand play significant roles in determining the monthly rent. For anyone considering a move within or to Canada, it’s imperative to research specific regions and neighborhoods to get an accurate sense of the expected rental expenses. As always, whether you’re seeking the urban vibe of dynamic cities or the tranquility of smaller towns, Canada offers a myriad of options to suit different budgets and lifestyles.

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