IRCC announced major updates to its application processing times tool

On March 31, 2022, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced important updates to its application processing times tool. The clients now can have the chance to take a more accurate estimation of the processing time of their application, which is a good step towards providing accurate information from the government. 

Based on the previous 6 months’ data, new calculations will be updated weekly on the IRCC official website and most Permanent residence and citizenship services will have a new dynamic processing time. The estimates will reflect the number of processed applications in addition to operational facts. 

IRCC announced major updates to its application processing times tool

Canadian citizenship processing time

Calculating the processing time of the applications starts from the day you submit your application to the IRCC and is confirmed received by the IRCC, and ends once the immigration officer gives a decision regarding your application. 

As for those who apply by email, their processing time begins once their application is received on the IRCC mailing list. 

The IRCC measures the processing time according to the time spent on reviewing 80% of the applications.

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How can I check the processing time of my application? 

You can easily check the processing time of your application by filling out the processing time tool here.

Why did IRCC update the processing time for some applications? 

This step was made in order to show the clients a more accurate time estimation for processing their application.

Permanent residence & citizenship applications show the weekly updated processing time, while the temporary resident applications were updated weekly as well but based on data from the last 8 or 16 weeks.  

Main Changes in the IRCC processing time 

Some of the changes in the processing time of applications are as follows:

Class of ApplicationBefore March 31, 2022New Processing Time
Canadian Experience Class (CEC)67 Months
Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)627 Months
Provincial Nomination (PNP) Express Entry622 Months
Grant of Citizenship1227 Months
Parents or Grandparents Sponsorship (PGP)2432 Months
Spousal or common-law Sponsorship – Inland1216 Months 
Spousal or common-law Sponsorship – Outland1219 Months