Reasons for Visa Types Refusal

Canadian Visa Rejected

In case your Canadian visa was rejected, you still have a chance to reapply by taking into consideration the reasons why your application was rejected. The IRCC will send you a letter illustrating that you were rejected but they won’t explain the reason for the rejection.

Reasons for Visa Types Refusal

Why Would Your Canadian Visa Be Rejected?

Being rejected for a Canadian visa has many reasons such as not submitting the accurate supporting documents, not showing enough financial resources that aim to finance your residency and travel to Canada, not being suitable for the security standards in Canada such as having a criminal background, and not being suitable for Canadian health standards.

These reasons will be explained in detail in the upcoming sections. In case you were rejected due to one of the above-mentioned reasons, you have the right to appeal or apply again for a Canadian visa.

The IRCC may refuse your Canadian visa (study, work, visit) due to the following reasons:

  1. The applicants did not illustrate that they have sufficient funds to support themselves in Canada and to cover the first-year tuition fees in addition to the cost of their living and other family members (if they exist).
  2. Your intention of leaving Canada is questioned by the IRCC, not showing the IRCC officer that you are planning to return to your country after finishing your study is an obstacle to accepting your study visa application. You should know that the study permit is considered a temporary residency and the students have the chance to extend their residency by applying for the permanent residency PR or work visa. (The IRCC officer wants to make sure you will not be staying illegally in Canada).
  3. When IRCC reviews your choice of the study program, it pays attention to the fact that your current study aligns with your previous study and experience. For instance, if you are a web developer and want to complete your study in nursing. This might catch their attention that you are not choosing the right study program.
  4. IRCC requires a letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution DLI before applying for a study permit, in case the IRCC officer notices that letter of acceptance is fake or that you are not meeting the eligibility requirements your application might be rejected.
  5. IRCC requires travel and identity documents and in case you submit unclear documents you might be rejected.
Reasons for Visa Types Refusal
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How To Avoid Rejection?

Your Canadian visa application may be approved if you follow the pieces of advice below:

  • Submit financial supporting documents that prove you have the financial ability to reside permanently in Canada.
  • Submit a personal statement that ensures the aim of your temporary residency and you have the intention to return to your country after your residency expires.
  • Concerning your chosen study program in Canada, in case it varies from your previous education, you must clarify to the IRCC officer in your personal statement why you choose to study this major.
  • Make sure that the documents related to your study are clear and easy to read. You can ask the DLI that issued your letter of acceptance in order to address the concerns of IRCC.
  • Submit clear travel records and identity documents.

What To Do In Case of Rejection?

In case you were refused two actions can be done:

  1. Appeal the decision: if the applicant states that he/she is eligible and has met all the IRCC eligibility requirements but got refused unfairly, the applicant can appeal the decision and ask the IRCC to reconsider his/her application by hiring an immigration lawyer who is a specialist in Canada visa application.
  2. Reapply: if the applicant finds out the reasons why his application got refused, they should submit a new application and pay attention to the rejection reasons and avoid them.

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