Saskatchewan Launches New Immigration Pathway for Tech Workers

Saskatchewan just launched a new Immigration Pathway for Tech Workers on March 7th, 2022! This program will join the other streams created for skilled workers, experienced professionals, and entrepreneurs but will specifically target foreign tech workers.

Saskatchewan Immigration Pathway for Tech Workers

The Tech Talent Pathway was created to fill the labor shortages within particular occupations within Canada’s rapidly growing tech sector. To be eligible, you must obtain a Saskatchewan job offer and meet the following eligibility criteria!

Eligible for Saskatchewan Immigration Pathway for Tech Workers – Occupations (NOC Codes)

Here’s a list of eligible NOC occupation titles for the new tech pathway …

NOC CodeOccupation Title
0213Computer and information systems managers
2133Electrical and electronics engineers
2147Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)
2171Information System analysts and consultants
2172Database analysts and data administrators
2173Software engineers and designers
2174Computer programmers and interactive media developers
2175Web designers and developers
2281Computer network technicians
2282User support technicians
2283Information system testing technicians

Non-Express Entry

If you’re not applying for the program through Express Entry, to be eligible, the applicant must:

  • Meet the needed work experience requirements
  • Meet the needed language proficiency requirements
  • Be eligible for Saskatchewan licensing if needed
  • Have post-secondary education experience in the same field as your job offer
  • Want to live and work in Saskatchewan, and 
  • Have an eligible job offer

Applying Through Express Entry

Those who have been accepted in the IRCC Express Entry pool will have the opportunity to apply for the Tech Talent Pathway if the applicant through the same eligibility requirements accepts, you will need to provide a valid Express Entry profile number and job seeker code.

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How To Apply for SINP (Saskatchewan Immigration Pathway for Tech Workers)?

Once you’ve received a qualifying job offer, your employer will need to provide you with a Job Approval Letter from the SINP. Next, you will need to create an online account on the SINP website, complete all the required sections, scan and upload all the required documents, and lastly save & submit your application!

Required Documents

When starting the process to apply to the new Tech Talent Pathway, there are a few required documents that you will want to gather. These documents include:

  • Identification
  • Proof of work experience
  • Academic credentials
  • And proof of language proficiency

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