What happens in the asylum hearing session in Canada?

Asylum is an international right granted to individuals who fear persecution in their country because of their race, religion, nationality, political affiliation, or religious views. When such individuals face a real threat to their life or safety in their country, they can apply for asylum to seek protection in another country.

Canada is one of the leading countries in the issue of asylum and refugee rights, as it provides a system that guarantees advanced and fair procedures for examining asylum applications. The Asylum Hearing session in Canada aims to provide an opportunity for applicants for asylum to express the reasons for their request and clarify the conditions in which they live. All this is done in the presence of a competent government employee known as the “Refugee Commissioner”.

The most important points considered by the asylum judge in Canada

The immigration and asylum specialist in Canada, Luai Walid Al-Haj, talks about the 4 most important points that the judge looks at in the Asylum Hearing session in Canada. After the session ends, the commissioner will issue a decision based on the information and evidence provided. The applicant may win a favorable decision granting him protection and the right to reside in Canada, or his application may be rejected if there is insufficient evidence of persecution.

Prepare for an asylum hearing session in Canada

When a person attends an asylum hearing, they have the right to tell their story and their motives for seeking asylum. This part can be very difficult for refugees, as they may have to share painful and tragic details about what happened to them in their country. This process aims to help the Commissioner to better understand the situation and make a fair decision on your asylum application. These sessions aim to ensure that protection is offered to those who deserve it in accordance with international and domestic laws relating to refugee rights. Canada remains committed to providing a safe and dignified environment for all, making its asylum system the focus of the international community’s attention as a role model.

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