What is the role of Canadian immigration consultants and lawyers?

What is the role of Canadian immigration consultants and lawyers?

Should you ask for professional help in applying for immigration or can you do it as a DIY?

Why would you ask for help from an immigration lawyer or consultant?

1. Time Management and Priorities:

Hiring a representative allows individuals to focus on crucial aspects like work, education, or family. The convenience of having a professional advisor or attorney is compelling for those valuing their time.

2. Expertise in Form Completion:

3. Life-Changing Guidance:

Beyond basic forms, the accumulated knowledge and expertise of a skilled consultant or lawyer can make a significant difference in settling in Canada. Their insights become invaluable in navigating various aspects of the immigration journey.

4. Previous Refusal:

If you’ve faced a previous refusal from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), hiring a Canadian immigration consultant or lawyer becomes crucial. They help avoid repeating mistakes and navigate the complexities that led to the initial rejection.

5. Regulatory Verification:

The Immigration Specialists of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) governs immigration specialists, issuing seven-digit ICCRC numbers. Immigration lawyers, on the other hand, are regulated by provincial bodies. It’s essential to verify an advisor’s ICCRC number or legal standing before proceeding.

6. Protection Against Scams:

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What is the difference between immigration Lawyers and immigration consultants?

1. Education and Training:

2. Legal Representation:

3. Educational Background:

4. Firm Example:

What are the services provided by the immigration consultant?

1. Initial Consultation:

2. Assistance with Applications:

3. Representation in Communications:

4. Representation at the IRB:

Beyond guiding clients through applications, consultants can represent them at the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB). This involves legal representation, presenting evidence, cross-examining witnesses, and making submissions to enhance clients’ chances of success.

5. Advice and Guidance:

Advantages of engaging an immigration consultant

1. Specialized Expertise:

Immigration consultants possess expertise in Canadian immigration law and policy, offering valuable insights into the most suitable immigration programs. They ensure applications are accurately completed.

2. Time-Efficient Process:

3. Stress Reduction:

4. Increased Success Rates:

Making the right decision in choosing between an immigration consultant and an immigration lawyer

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