What types of work permits are available in Canada for immigrants?

What types of work permits are available in Canada for immigrants?

What are the eligibility guidelines for working in Canada?

Though exceptions exist, most foreign nationals need a permit to work in Canada. To apply for a work permit, candidates generally require a Canadian job offer backed by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Exceptions include recent graduates from Canadian Designated Learning Institutes (DLIs) or spouses of those with Canadian work or study permits. Eligible candidates must also meet criteria like demonstrating intent to leave after work authorization expires, proving financial support, being admissible to Canada, planning to work with an eligible employer, and providing necessary documents.

Varieties of Canadian work permits

Canadian work permits come in diverse forms, each with its unique requirements. Some necessitate a job offer, others mandate a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), and some rely on connections to Canada, such as previous education or spousal sponsorship. Refer to the categories below to identify the work permit that aligns best with your qualifications:

  1. International Mobility Program (IMP)
  2. NAFTA Work Permits
  3. CETA Work Permits
  4. Intra-Company Transfers

Canadian work permit process

Obtaining a Canadian work permit involves a diverse process, varying based on the specific type of permit sought. For instance, international students in Canada often receive automatic part-time work authorization alongside their study permit.

In most cases, closed work permit applications necessitate an official job offer from a Canadian employer supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Even for those exempt from LMIA requirements or work permits, understanding the unique documentation needed to enter Canada is crucial. There are two primary pathways for securing a Canadian work permit: a closed (restricted) work permit and an open work permit.

Inclusion of family or your spouse and dependents in your work permit application

When applying for a work permit supported by an employer, there’s a possibility to include your spouse and dependent children in the application.

What are the Canadian work permit fees?

What are the required documents to apply for a Canadian work permit?

Requirements for Canadian work permits: Biometrics, Police Clearances, and Medical Exams

IRCC has a temporary exemption for work permit applicants within Canada, while those outside must provide biometrics upon receiving an instruction letter. Follow the government’s instructions for biometrics on their dedicated page.

What is the processing time of the work permit application?

What is the LMIA application processing time?

Can I obtain a Canadian work permit without a job offer?

Language Requirements for Canadian work permits

Applying for a Canadian work permit doesn’t mandate the IELTS or any language exam. However, if the job offer necessitates French and/or English skills, and the applicant is from a non-French or English country, providing evidence of language abilities—such as a language test—may be required by the reviewing officer.

What is the process of employer support for working in Canada?

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