Physicians Stream Nova Scotia

The Physician Stream of Nova Scotia is a component of the NSNP, a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), managed by the province of Nova Scotia. The program was created to support health institutions in Nova Scotia to hire highly skilled immigrant doctors to fill job shortages in the health area of the province.

Physicians who are victorious through this application will be capable of applying for Canadian permanent residency. This program is perfect for physicians who have acquired a valid business offer from one of the qualified health sector companies in Nova Scotia.

Physicians Stream Nova Scotia

Physicians Stream Nova Scotia – Eligibility Requirements

To get eligible for this stream, you must follow these requirements for applying quickly:

  1. Legal Status in Country of Residence:
  • Applicants residing in Canada must demonstrate their legal status as either temporary workers or visitors.
  • Applicants outside Canada must prove legal status in their country of residence.
  • If an applicant has lost their status, they cannot apply until it is restored.
  1. Approved Offer with NSHA or IWK Health Centre:
  • The approved offer pertains to positions as General Practitioners and Family Physicians (NOC 3112) or Specialist Physicians (NOC 3111).
  • The offer letter must be on official NSHA or IWK letterhead and:
    • Be signed and dated by an authorized hiring official at NSHA or IWK.
    • Be signed and dated by the applicant accepting the opportunity.
    • Indicate eligibility for licensure with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia.
    • Confirm eligibility to apply for privileges and credentials with NSHA and IWK.
  1. Education and Training:
  1. Language Ability:
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform the job in one of Canada’s official languages, supported by an employment offer from NSHA or IWK.

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Minimum Requirements For Physicians Stream Nova Scotia

Express Entry ProfileNo
Work ExperienceNo minimum
Language AbilityNo minimum
Education LevelMedical License
Job OfferYes
Connection to the ProvinceNo

Procedure of Application

Let’s discuss the applications process:

  1. Gather and Prepare Documents:
  • Collect all required application materials and review the Forms and Supporting Documents Checklist before proceeding.
  1. Submit Application:
  • Apply online by creating an account on Nova Scotia’s online service or submit via email to the NSOI.
  1. Initial Evaluation by NSNP:
  • The NSNP conducts an eligibility and completion check upon receiving the application.
  1. Decision by NSOI:
  • Receive a decision from the NSOI:
    • Approval: Receive a confirmation letter of nomination. NSOI sends proof of nomination to IRCC.
    • Potential Refusal: Applicant has 10 business days to provide additional information for re-assessment. No appeal process after final decision.
  1. Nomination Benefits:
  • If nominated:
    • Request a support letter from NSOI for a new or renewed temporary work permit, replacing the need for an LMIA.
    • Continue working in Nova Scotia while waiting for the Canadian permanent residence application processing by IRCC.
  1. IRCC Permanent Resident Visa Application:
  • IRCC assesses the permanent resident visa application:
    • Potential interview invitation.
    • Spouses and dependents (if applicable) must meet medical, security, and criminal admissibility requirements.
  1. Confirmation of Permanent Residence:
  • Upon approval:
    • Applicant, spouse, and dependents receive a Confirmation of Permanent Residence.
    • Notify NSOI within 30 days of arriving in the province.

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