Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Worker Program

The Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program has been designed for intermediate-experienced workers who desire to immigrate to one of the Atlantic provinces of Canada. 

This program is one of the three programs of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot designated for intermediate-skilled operators who have obtained a job offer in one of the Atlantic provinces of Canada.

Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Worker Program

Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Worker – Eligibility Requirements

To get eligible for this stream, you must follow these requirements for applying quickly.

  • Job Offer
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Language Proficiency

More Details About Intermediate Skilled Worker Program Requirements

Job Offer

The AISP is an employer-driven stream, and therefore all candidates are expected to obtain a legitimate job offer.

Candidates for the AISP must confirm that they have a job proposal that is:

  • From a preferred company in one of the Atlantic provinces.
  • For the full-time, doubtful job.
  • Skilled or moderate level, i.e., position at skill rank 0, A, B, or C of the NOC.
  • Maintained by a provincial license of endorsement from the province that symbolizes that the job proposal is accurate.
  • Companies in the Atlantic region can correct designation demands on the AIPP Employer Designation sheet.

Work Experience

Candidates to the AISP must describe that they have got work experience for a minimum of 1 year in the last 3 years. This work practice may be non-constant, full-time, but must combine up to a total of 1,560 hours. This work practice must be:

  • In one profession. 
  • Must be paid job.  
  • In a NOC C-level profession.

Candidates must have provided the activities seeded in the lead statement of the NOC information. Canadian practice must have been received while the foreign citizen was allowed to work in Canada as a temporary occupant.

Applicants do not have to be engaged at the time they apply. Work experience gained during study time is allowed, as long as the business hours do not exceed.


Candidates for AISP must prove they have one of the following:

  • A Canadian secondary or post-secondary certification, diploma, or other qualification; or
  • An achieved international educational credential.

Language Proficiency

Candidates for the AISP must demonstrate language ability equivalent to (CLB) 4.

The following language examinations are recommended for the AISP:

  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System).
  • CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program).
  • TEF.

Language test outcomes must be fewer than 2 years old at the time the request is presented.

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