Northwest Territories Provincial Nomination

Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP) gives the pathway to Canadian permanent residency for foreign citizens who want to make this enormous territory their hometown.

With larger than 1 million square kilometers of area and a culture of just over 40,000 people, the Northwest Territories is the most populous territory in northern Canada, possessing a treasure of emigration opportunities for international workers and entrepreneurs.

This province is in high demand of talented employers from all over the globe, and a work offer here could direct the chances for you and your family to live in Canada permanently.

Northwest Territories Provincial Nomination

Northwest Territories Provincial Nomination Streams

The province of Northwest Territories is given below:

NT Express Entry

This program gives experienced employees in the governmental EE pool the chance to participate in permanent residency applications. Candidates must have a job requirement from an acceptable Northwest Territories employer. 

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NT Employers Driven

The NT Employer Driven program allows foreign citizens to practice occupations categorized as NOC work level 0, A, B, C, or D and permanent employment offers from an able company. 

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NT Business Driven

This program presents opportunities for job owners and entrepreneurs wanting to build a new business in this province. While the program receives applications from all business sectors, companies that offer vital compensation to the NT economy or launch a new product will be given preference when implementing for provincial nomination.

Benefits Of Applying

The advantages of joining for Northwest Territories PNP are:

  • Extraordinary standards of living for international citizens.
  • Excellent portal to endure a multi-cultural, metropolitan atmosphere.
  • A pathway to Canadian residency and citizenship.
  • Matches low supply of experienced, semi-skilled, and untrained employers in the region.

Application process of Northwest Territories Provincial Nomination

Just understand and copy these actions for applying to this program.

There is no submission fee for this program, but if you belong to the entrepreneur business program, you must pay 2800$ CAD for applying.

The NTNP team will process the applications within 12 weeks of acceptance of all required data and documentation.

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